For the Athletes and Sportsmen of the University Community
Physical education helps learning and socialization, it contributes to human relations improvement and it also helps the development of the ability to deal with difficult situations. The abilities that are obtained by physical education contribute to a more beautiful and happy life. The participants of athletics improve their physical condition, they remain younger, more active and they live longer. Additionally, involvement in athletics contributes to the development and maintenance of mental health. The participation in athletic activities keeps away the stress and tension, it offers euphoria, it helps people be more good-looking and more fit and it is a useful way of spending their free time. The development of physical ability contributes to cognitive development as well. Moreover, the everyday work itself is not an efficient physical exercise for human beings. Even the healthiest person needs to participate in athletic activities.
The White Paper about Sports, Education, Youth and Health, which was approved by the European Parliament on the 8th of May 2008, asks in article No. 30 the member states of the European Union to "further encourage the promotion of Athletics and physical exercise as essential elements of the quality of national education systems enhancement, and programs to turn to a full advantage of the potentials that the community offers in the field of mobility in all the levels of education and professional proficiency of the lifelong learning". In article No. 44 the White Paper asks the member states to "create the frame for the organization of European School and University Championships with the aim of preparation of young people for the performance and the promotion of multicultural dialogue". Finally the article No. 112 asks the committee and the member states to "have in mind the potentiality of the constitution of programs that assist students with special physical needs".
Having in mind all the above, the Sports Center of the University of Cyprus prepared its Athletic Programme in order to offer high quality level of services based on the international university standards of sports.
Dr. Michalis Krashias
Head of Sports Center