Sports Center - Internal Rules


Only the students, the Staff of the University of Cyprus and other operators or athletes with their identity that shows their membership or with permission, have the right to use the sports facilities.


Priority is given to the academic programs of the University of Cyprus, to the athletic programs of the Sports Centre, then to the students and Staff of the University and lastly to the external users.


The sports card is applied for the University Community. The cost of the sports card and the rights that are provided to the holders are determined by the Council of Sports.


For reservations of the sports sites, those interested can turn to the Service Support Office of the Sports Centre, tel. 22894182 at least two (2) days before. Reservations can be made only for the period of one week.


If the reservation is to be considered valid, the fee should be paid at least 2 days before.


For the use of the fields, the reservation form by the Service Support Office is necessary. The form will be given, signed by the Service Support Office, by the user to the carer of the fields.


The opening hours of the indoor and outdoor sports facilities are daily Monday to Friday from 07:30 until 22:00 and on Saturdays from 08:30 until 14:30.


The use of the sports facilities for the rest of the hours and days can be done only with a special written permission.


The operating schedule of the sports facilities of the University of Cyprus can be amended due to championships or other sports activities.


The athletes ought to:
    a) Wear sport attire and clean athletic shoes.
    b) Keep the area clean and to behave.
    c) Be responsible for their personal belongings.


Smoking is forbidden as well as the entrance with food and drinks in the sports facilities.

12 The administration of the Sports Centre is responsible for the operational issues that concern the sports sites.
13 The authorities of the Sports Centre retain the right to dismiss from the Sports Facilities anyone who does not comply with the internal operating regulations.