Name – Surname                Internal Tele. Duties Email Address
Marinos Pelagias 4183 Administrator/Deputy Head of Sports Center [email protected]
Anthimos Rotos 4193 Administrator / Head of  Gym [email protected]
Andreas Kallinikou 4194 Administrator / Football and Futsal Trainer [email protected]
Kyriaki Makri 4185 Administrator / Special Scientist in Aerobics and Aerobic Trainer [email protected]
Maria Erodotou 4184 Administrator / Special Scientist in Tennis and Tennis Trainer [email protected]
Constantinos Faoutas 4180 Volleyball Trainer [email protected]
Natassa Charalambous 4180 Secretary [email protected]
Constantinos Constantinou 4185 Handball Trainer [email protected]
Otisres Antoniades
4180 Special Scientist in Lifelong Physical Condition [email protected]
Antreas Koufettas 4180 Special Scientist in Squash [email protected]
Anna Loizidou 4180 Special Scientist in Tennis [email protected]
Pinelopi Stavrinou 4180 Special Scientists in Judo [email protected]
Marios Christou 4180 Special Scientist in Football [email protected]
Vasos Vasou 4182 Maintainance [email protected]
Costas Karagiorgis 4182 Maintainance [email protected]
Avgoustos Avgoustou 4182 Maintainance [email protected]