Dear students,

On behalf of the Council of Sports I welcome you to the University of Cyprus. Through the at hand edition, I invite you to become acquainted with the athletic programs of the University of Cyprus, our actions and the facilities of the Sports Centre.
Athleticism promotes values that are necessary for the consistency and progress of modern societies but also promotes the most important blessing, our health. Our goal therefore is to render all the members of the university community aware of the athletic ideals through their active participation in our different programs. Furthermore, we want the students of the University of Cyprus to graduate not only as highly knowledgeable scientists but to also render sports a part of their daily routine.
Taking completely advantage of the capabilities that the exquisite facilities of the Sports Centre provide, the University of Cyprus provides elective sports courses to all the students in a plethora of team and individual programs and we have also developed a series of sports programs that are addressed to all the members of the university community. Also, our University is participating with great success in the championships of the Cyprus University Sports Federation while our presence is also strong at international level through our participation in the championships of the European University Sports Federation and the organization of European championships.
I wish you a great academic year and we are waiting to see you at the Sports Centre of our University.
George Kyriazis, Professor
President of the Athletics Council