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Biology lies at the forefront of scientific discovery and public attention at a global level, since in the past few decades our understanding of life has increased at an unprecedented rate, from the molecular and cellular level to that of the biotic communities and ecosystems. At the same time, biological sciences contribute to the  interdisciplinary nature of modern research, uniting traditional disciplines and opening up new areas of  interdisciplinary research. In addition to the deeper understanding of nature, the function and evolution of all living beings as well as, the phenomenal increase of our knowledge on biological systems leads to novel and exciting applications in a variety of domains, such as health (understanding diseases, genetic diagnoses, new treatment strategies using stem cells, etc.), drug industry (drug design, pharmacogenomics, etc.), agricultural production and food industry (organic and sustainable practices, genetically improved plants and animals, aquaculture, etc.), sustainable use of biological resources (fisheries, forestry, etc.), and conservation.
The main objectives of the Department are:
• To develop competitive research programmes in fields like immunology, cell biology, developmental biology, embryology, bioinformatics, genetics, epigenetics, virology, neurobiology, and cancer treatment and prevention, as well as in evolution, ecology, biodiversity and sustainable use of its components.

• To offer high quality education and training to students, so that they become competitive at a global scale.

• To offer high quality services to the public and private sectors in Cyprus, especially concerning public health
and the environment.
It offers a good background in scientific principles and all fields of biology. Graduates may continue their studies in postgraduate programmes in Cyprus or abroad, or find employment in education, clinical and diagnostic labs, the pharmaceutical industry, medicinal and genetic research, biotechnology, biomechanics, aquaculture, organic farming, environmental impact studies, environmental management, biodiversity conservation and many more.
Courses offered by the Department of Biological Sciences
Compulsory Courses
BIO 102 Principles of Biology I
BIO 111 Principles of Biology IΙ
BIO 201 Genetics
BIO 202 Molecular Biology
BIO 221 Biochemistry I
BIO 222 Biochemistry II
BIO 230 Introduction to Computational Biology
BIO 241 Laboratory Methods and Techniques I
BIO 242 Laboratory Methods and Techniques II
BIO 301 Ecology
BIO 302 Molecular Cell Biology
BIO 361 Introduction to Developmental Biology
BIO 371 Microbiology
BIO 382 Animal Physiology
BIO 401 Evolutionary Biology
BIO 451 Epigenetics
BIO 471 Immunology
BIO 481 Zoology
BIO 482 Botany
BIO 490 Search and Management of Bibliographic Sources
BIO 491 Undergraduate Thesis I
BIO 492 Undergraduate Thesis II
Departmental Elective Courses

BIO 311 Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
BIO 331 Computational and Systems Biology
BIO 350 Development and Genetics of Model Organisms
BIO 351 Human Molecular and Medical Genetics
BIO 353 Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
BIO 354 Systems Biology
BIO 355 Gene Regulation
BIO 362 Special Topics in Developmental Biology
BIO 365 Stem Cells
BIO 372 Bacterial Pathogenesis
BIO 381 Plant Physiology
BIO 402 Advanced Issues in Ecology
BIO 403 Marine Biology
BIO 404 Environmental Pollution
BIO 405 Phylogenetics
BIO 406 Ornithology
BIO 408 Ecophysiology
BIO 409 Conservation Biology
BIO 410 Biodiversity of Cyprus
BIO 411 Behavioral Ecology
BIO 413 Biogeography
BIO 414 Field Course
BIO 415 Statistical Methods in Ecology
BIO 423 Molecular Oncology
BIO 424 Microscopic Techniques
BIO 431 Advanced Topics in Computational and Systems Biology
BIO 432 Clinical Bioinformatics
BIO 434 Principles of Structural Biology
BIO 442 Internship in Biology
BIO 461 Experimental Embryology
BIO 462 Advanced Topics in Molecular Embryology
BIO 472 Virology
BIO 473 Advanced Topics in Cellular and Molecular Immunology
BIO 474 Hot Topics in Infectious Diseases
BIO 475 Viral Ecology
BIO 495, 496, 497, 498, 499 Current Topics in Biology
Courses offered by other Departments
PHY 102 Physics for Chemists
MAS 001 Mathematics I
MAS 002 Mathematics II
MAS 030 Introduction in Probability and Statistics
LAN 100 General Advanced English
LAN 103 English for Biology
CHE 021 Introductory Chemistry (for Biologists and Physicists)
CHE 030 Organic Chemistry Lab for Students of Biology
CHE 031 Organic Chemistry for Students of Biology
Free Elective Course
Free Elective Course
Free Elective Course

Courses Taught in English for ERASMUS COURSES

BIO 221 Biochemistry
BIO 230 Introduction to Computational Biology
BIO 301 Ecology
Click here for the full Undergraduate Prospectus of the Department of Biological Sciences containing detailed course description and the study programme guide.
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