The Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies covers the subjects of Byzantine Philology, Modern Greek Literature, Theory of Literature, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics, and offers a single Major in Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature. The Department focuses on both research and teaching. The main areas of research include the following:

  1. the study of Greek Language and Literature from the early post-Christian era to the present, with reference to previous periods as well from the Archaic period up to the Hellenistic period,
  2. the examination of Greek literary production within a European as well as a world context,
  3. the study of Greek language and literature in Cyprus.
The programme of study is designed to provide a scholarly grounding in the areas covered by the Department. It includes modules in Ancient Greek Philology, Latin Philology, History and Philosophy (from the programmes of study of the other two departments of the Faculty of Letters) that will equip the students with the necessary skills to teach the respective subjects in secondary schools. For the same reason, the programmes of study run by the other departments of the Faculty of Letters include modules in Byzantine Philology, Modern Greek Literature and Linguistics. Apart from providing scholarly knowledge, the programme of study aims at developing the students' critical thinking, as well as broadening their intellectual horizons.
Graduates of our Department are qualified to seek employment in secondary education, research institutes and cultural foundations. Alternatively, they may choose to continue their studies and specialise at postgraduate level.
The Department also offers a Minor in Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature. The Minor Programme includes twelve courses (see Table V).
Students from other faculties take service courses in the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (see Table VI). More specifically, the Department offers two courses from the programme of study of the Department of Education (i.e. BMG 090 Introduction to Modern Greek Literature and LAS 093 Introduction to Modern Greek Language), LAS 075 The Languages of Europe to the B.A. Programme in Modern Languages and European Studies, offered by the Department of French Studies and Modern Languages, and four courses from the B.A. Programme in Media Studies and Journalism, offered by the Department of Social and Political Sciences, (i.e. BMG 160 Essay Writing, BMG 390 History of Modern Greek Literature, LAS 290 Sociolinguistics and an elective from BMG 230-299 or BMG 330-399).
Elective courses in Byzantine Philology and Modern Greek Literature are marked with course codes BMG 001-099, while elective courses in Linguistics are marked with course codes LAS 075-099. Apart from elective courses specifically targeted to students of other departments, these students may also select departmental courses marked as Ε (for elective).