The Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies offers a curriculum of introductory and specialized courses in the areas of Byzantine Philology, Modern Greek Philology, Literary Theory, Comparative Philology and Linguistics, and awards a Βachelor's degree in Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology.
In addition to the above main areas, the study program of study also includes courses in Ancient Greek, Latin, Philosophy and History offered by the relevant departments of the Faculty of Philosophy, as well as language courses offered by the Language Center of the University of Cyprus .
The 42 courses that make up the programme of study are divided into three levels: introductory courses (level 100), lectures (level 200 and 300) and undergraduate seminars (level 400).
The main objective of the BA Degree in Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology is to provide an overview of the literary production in the Greek language throughout the Byzantine period to the present day, presenting and analysing different genres, various themes, older and newer literary movements and approaches and different grammatological periods, in Greece and Cyprus as well as in historical nests of the Greek language and literature. At the same time, it offers courses that focus on Theoretical linguistics and the description and analysis of the structure of the Greek language, on its social and geographical variation as well as on inter-disciplinary approaches in linguistics such as Sociolinguistics, Language planning etc.
Here you can find more information regarding the nature of the study programme: the objectives, the various areas of study, the learning outcomes, the structure of the programme and the distribution of courses per semester.