Since its founding in 1992, the Department of Business and Public Administration has strived for excellence in research and teaching. It is one of the largest and most diverse departments at the University of Cyprus and has developed a wide network of collaborations with universities, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations both in Cyprus and abroad.
The Department uses the standards set by leading international business schools and universities to benchmark its progress. At the center of its teaching philosophy is the conviction that the knowledge and tools learned in the classroom must be complemented by critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the broader ethical and social considerations in organizational decision making. Our hope is to create future leaders with both the judgement that is essential for effective leadership and the conscience that drives positive change in organizations and society at large.
Our Department offers three different undergraduate degrees in Business Administration:
• Management
• Operation Management and
• Marketing.
At the master's level, we offer a Master's of Business Administration (ΜΒΑ) and MSc in Humean  Resource Management.  We also offer a PhD program in all functional areas of business administration.
I invite you to visit our redesigned website for a comprehensive review of our Department's activities and to contact me or any other member of our community for further information on the work we do.
George C. Hadjinicolas
Department Head