NB: in Greek, unless otherwise stated.
In Progress
Charalampidis S.
The Image of Constantine in Early Byzantine Historiography (4th-6th c.)
Supervisor: S. Constantinou
Fiouri E.
Interprting donors/patrons: history, art and identity in Lusignan Cyprus (13th-15th c.)
Supervisor: M. Parani

Charalampous, Ch.
Peter I of Lusignan in Europe (1362-1365, 1367-1368): Crusading Vision and Political Realism
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Ioannou L.
The image of Peter I Lusignan in Cypriot medieval historiography (in English)
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Kazamia A.
Encomiastic orations during the Latin Occupation of Constantinople (1204-1261)
Supervisor: A. Giannouli
Nicolaou M.
The suffering body in the Metaphrastian Menologion
Supervisor: S. Constantinou

Tsiapou S.
Emotions in the Synopsis Chronike of Constantine Manasses (12th c.)
Supervisor: M. Hinterberger
Trygonaki J.
The 14th-Century Trade Contracts in Famagusta: Commercial and Notarial Practices
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Chrysanthou I.
The settlement network and sacred topography of the Aktrotiri peninsula, Cyprus, 6th-16th c. AD (not completed)
Supervisor: A. Vionis
Kyriakidou M.
Women in the Assises of the Court of the Burgesses
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Theodoraki D.
Policing in Venetian Crete (13th - 17th c.)
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari
Eleftheriou E.
The Latin mendicant orders in Greece and Cyprus: their activity and churches
Supervisor: M. Olympios
Petsas Ch.
The narthex of the Early Byzantine Cypriot basilicas: archaeology, typology and ritual
Supervisor: M. Parani

Andreou, M.
Marital roles and the social networking of the family in the Life of St. Philaretos the Merciful and St. Cyril Phileotis
Supervisor: A. Beihammer

Constantinou, Ch.
The image of the reign of Michael VIII Palaiologos in the Byzantine sources: the evidence of Georgios Pachymeris
Supervisor: A. Beihammer
Elia M.
The 1549 Register of Marathassa: Social Conditions and Family Relations of the Paroikoi
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari
Orphanos S.
Burial customs and Christianity: Burials in Early Christian Basilicas in Cyprus (4th-7th c.)
Supervisor: M. Parani
Panagi P.
The sacred landscape of Byzantine and Medieval Solea, Cyprus
Supervisor: A. Vionis
Patsalosavvi M.
Entertainment in Medieval Cyprus
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari
Zannetti M.
Barlaam and Ioasaph: A narratological approach
Supervisor: P. Agapitos


Amerikanou M.
The reception of Ottoman imperial ideology in the work of Kritoboulos
Supervisor: A. Beihammer
Alexandrou M.
"The Miracle of Friendship": John Chrysostom's Friendship with Olympias the Abbess
Supervisor: S. Consantinou

Meziridou, S.
Aspects of multiculturalism in the Empire of Trebizond (1204-1460)
Supervisor: A. Beihammer
Tsagaridou K.
Identity and Otherness in the Latin-Ruled Greek World
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Georgiou, A.
Two texts on Mary of Egypt: The relationship between Vita and Enkomion
Supervisor: M. Hinterberger

Rangou Ai.
Urban architecture and the use of domestic space in Byzantine and Medieval Corinth
Supervisor: A. Vionis

Pavlou Ch.
Historicity in the Cinematographic Depiction of the Crusades: The Case of the "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005) and "Robin Hood" (2010)
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Petrou Th.
The Presence of the Holy Cross in Cyprus: Legends, Traditions and Historical Truth (4th-16th Centuries)
Supervisor: A. Nicolaou-Konnari

Soteriou, E.
Proverbs in the literature of the Komnenian period
Supervisor: M. Hinterberger

Chatzeloizou E.
Social and economic data in the private documents of the Lembiotissa chartulary
Supervisor: A. Beihammer
Ellena, M.
Romanos the Melodist: The Biblical Figures, and Hades, Death and the Devil. A Literary Approach and the Rhetorical Technique of Ethopoeia
Supervisor: A. Giannouli

Loizou Ch.
The Medieval towers of Euboea: Construction, function and landscape symbolism
Supervisor: A. Vionis

Kossyvas S.
Mehmet the Conqueror from the point of view of Byzantium: the emergence and development of the Ottoman Turks up to the Fall of Constantinople in the text of (Michael) Doukas
Supervisor: A. Beihammer

Kouali E.
The "reform" of the Byzantine aristocracy at the time of the Komnenoi: the "image" of the new aristocracy through Nicetas Choniates' "Chronike Diegesis", from Alexios I to Manuel I Komnenos
Supervisor: A. Beihammer
Papacharalampous D.
The representation of Saint George in Cypriot churches during the period of the Latin Rule (1191-1571)
Supervisor: M. Parani

Evangelou N.
Life of Martha and Life of Symeon Stylite the Younger: The Two Versions of a Common Life
Supervisor: S. Constantinou

Olympiou Ch.
The composition of the Last Judgement in Byzantine monumental painting
Supervisor: M. Parani
Sykopetritou, P.
Studies about the ceremonies and the political ideology of the Byzantine Imperial Court in Nicaea (1204–1261)
Supervisor: A. Beihammer

Andreou A.
The Intertextuality of Madness: Holy Fools' Lives
Supervisor: S. Constantinou
Protogirou, M.
An interpretative approach to Theodosios Diakonos' The Capture of Crete
Supervisor: M. Hinterberger