Offer a placement and let our Students share their knowledge and fresh perspective with your Business

Through the Student Placement Program in the framework of the co-financed Project “University Liaison Offices with the labour market”,  funded by the Structural Funds of the European Union, students at the University of Cyprus have the opportunity of a placement so that they can share and apply their academic knowledge and new approach in a work environment while gaining  valuable experience and developing  their skills.

The close cooperation between companies and organizations with the academic departments of the University of Cyprus is clearly of great benefit to both parties.  The design or revision of study programs, so that they are in line with the actual needs of the labour market is an important advantage of the close cooperation between academia and business.

 Employers tend to  value highly our Placement Program, as they manage to employ strong, qualified candidates after they graduate.

 For posts please visit  the platform. and consult the relevant guide.

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Employment of graduates in Businesses and Organisations in Cyprus and abroad

The strengthening of the human resources of your Company or Organisation with young graduates of the University of Cyprus is facilitated through the Career Centre of our University.

Our team promotes job vacancies targeted at the alumni community through the Career System Platform, which is accessible only to students and alumni of the University of Cyprus.

At the same time, an electronic notification message is sent to specific groups of candidates who meet the criteria of the position, while posts are also made on the social media of the Centre. In addition, it is possible to collect the CVs of the candidates from our team and arrange the interviews on campus.

In addition, the University of Cyprus, as a partner in the EURES Network (European Employment Services Network), provides information and guidance to employers looking for human resources from Europe through the Career Centre. Through the European Job Mobility Portal (EURES Portal), employers can access many applicants from 31 European countries with different knowledge, language skills and professional experience.

>>> Contact the EURES Advisers: Ioustini Pilidis, Career Officer, Career Center & Emma Zeniou, Officer A ‘, Mobility Office, YDS