Programs of Studies | Degrees 
The mission of the graduate programs in CEE is to promote scholarly research leading to discovery, learning and innovation according to international standards of excellence, in the broader discipline of CEE, as well as in related multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields. The department's graduate programs are research-oriented in order to support and strengthen the research and educational activities of the department and the university. The research focuses in areas that serve the interests of the society in Cyprus, by identifying and providing solutions to local issues and by promoting opportunities for local development and for the improvement of life in Cyprus.
The CEE Department admits each into its graduate programs students at the Master's (M.Sc. and M.Eng.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) levels. A transfer between the two academic tracks (M.Sc. and M.Eng.) is allowed only after an application by the student and approval by the Department's Faculty Council. The Department, also, reserves the right, after a suggestion by the student's academic advisor, to a mandatory student transfer between the two academic tracks (from M.Sc. to M.Eng.) should the student's academic performance during the required M.Sc. research/thesis is unsatisfactory.
Μaster of Engineering (Μ.Εng) (90 ECTS)
The development of skills through acquiring knowledge from a wide range of courses is particularly emphasized. Of all required ECTS units in this program, the 80 ECTS units should be obtained from the successful completion of 10 graduate-level courses of the CEED.
Master of Science (Μ.Sc.) (110 ECTS)
Particular emphasis is given on developing a proper research methodology through pursuing a postgraduate thesis with documented contribution to the advancement of science. Of all required educational ECTS credits in the program, 56 should be obtained from successfully completing 7 graduate-level courses, while the rest of the credits are associated with the M.Sc. thesis. Students are encouraged to publish their research results in journals and peer reviewed international conference proceedings.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (240 ECTS)
The doctorate title is a research title that corresponds to the culmination of university studies. For admission to the Ph.D. program a Master's degree in a relevant research area is required. The prerequisites include graduate courses (totally 80 ects, of which up to 56 ects can be recognized by the graduate program of the Ph.D. candidate), a successful comprehensive examination, presentation and successful approval of a research proposal and successful defend of a PhD thesis before a five-member doctoral examination committee.
The Ph.D. candidates are required to publish their research work in reputable international scientific journals, as a requirement for the final approval of the doctoral thesis.