The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) offers the following degrees:

  • Bachelor (BSc) in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Master (MEng and MSc) in Civil Engineering
  • Master (MEng and MSc) in Environmental Engineering
  • Master (MEng and MSc) in Sustainable Design and Energy Technologies (inter-departmental programme)
  • Master (MSc) in the Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites (inter-departmental programme)
  • Master (MSc) in Natural Gas in Energy Transition (Programme of the Faculty of Engineering)
  • Doctorate (PhD) in Civil Engineering
  • Doctorate (PhD) in Environmental Engineering

Students study in an academic environment that is based on the collaboration between faculty, students, industry and research organisations. Students study in a dynamic environment and have the opportunity to collaborate with research teams that are active in areas of high scientific interest.

Both the private sector and public services in Cyprus offer a variety of professional opportunities for civil engineers and environmental engineers. Graduates can pursue careers in design, construction, maintenance, management, development and research. For example, in urban or industrial centres, civil engineers and environmental engineers serve the public as developers, designers, and managers of transportation systems, water resources, pollution control services, other urban projects, and as directors of private, public, and public services.