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Analytical Chemistry Section

Professor Ioannis Paschalides – Radioanalytical Chemistry Research Laboratory

Associate Professor Constantina Kapnisi-Christodoulou – Instrumental Analysis Research Laboratory

Associate Professor Eftyhia Pinakoulaki – Biophysical and Bioanalytical Research Laboratory

Assistant Professor Agapios Agapiou – Volatolomics Research Laboratory


Inorganic Chemistry Section

Professor Charis Theocharis – Porous Solids Research Laboratory

Professor Anastasios Keramidas – Inorganic Chemistry Research Laboratory

Professor Anastasios Tasiopoulos – Metal – Organic Materials Research Laboratory 

Lecturer Sotirios Christodoulou – Inorganic Nanocrystals Laboratory


Organic Chemistry Section

Professor Panayiotis Koutentis – Organic Chemistry Research Laboratory

Associate Professor Athanasios Nikolaides -Organic Chemistry Research Laboratory

Associate Professor Nikos Chronakis – Fullerene and Supramolecular Chemistry Research Laboratory

Assistant Professor Savvas Georgiades – Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Research Laboratory


Physical Chemistry Section

Professor Aggelos Efstathiou – Heterogeneous Catalysis and Chemical Technology Research Laboratory

Professor Epaminondas Leontides – Physical Chemistry of Colloids and Interfaces (PCCI) Laboratory

Professor Costas Patrickios – Polymer Science Research Laboratory

Associate Professor Sophia Charalambous-Hayes – Molecular Spectroscopy Research Laboratory