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🎉The Confucius Institute at the UCY wishes you a Happy Year of Dragon 2024🐉

🎉新年快乐,龙年吉祥 🐉

Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance (YICGG)

The Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance (YICGG) launched in 2007 by Fudan University and supported by UNDP China.

It is China's leading international innovation competition on global governance. It aims to foster innovative solutions to challenges concerning global governance and bring young voices around the world to the forefront. 

 YICGG 2024 will be held in Hungary from 22nd to 26th of July 2024, co-hosted by the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, the Central Bank of Hungary, John von Neumann University and Budapest Metropolitan University.

The theme for this year is Global AI Governance: A New Era of Responsibility, Challenge, and Cooperation.

The competition consists of two phases: the Preliminary Round and the Final Round.

Deadline for registration: Sunday, 21st of April. To register, fill out the form in Attachment 3 “YICGG2024 Personal Info_Preliminary Round” and send it to [email protected]

Proposal Submission: by Sunday, 28th of April. To participate in the Preliminary Round you need to submit your proposal to [email protected]

Preliminary Results: before Friday, 17th of May

Final Round: 22nd – 26th July in Hungary

More Information

For more details about YICGG 2024, you can visit https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/fv2bAaNHWW9vIw-yfPajFA

Interested candidates are kindly requested to inform Confucius Institute at the UCY about their registration and proposal submission.