Το Ινστιτούτο Κομφούκιος στο Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου και το BeHive, διοργάνωσαν την Πέμπτη, 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2021, διαδικτυακή παρουσίαση με θέμα “Learning Chinese: Global Career Opportunities”.
Μπορείτε να παρακολουθήσετε τη μαγνητοσκοπημένη παρουσίαση πατώντας εδώ. Ο σύνδεσμος θα παραμείνει ενεργός μέχρι τις 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2021.
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Προβολή Κινέζικης Ταινίας - The Farewell
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Learning Chinese: Global Career Opportunities
Poster 20211209 learningChinese CIUCY BH 002
Το Ινστιτούτο Κομφούκιος στο Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου και το BeHive, σας προσκαλούν σε διαδικτυακή εκδήλωση με θέμα “Learning Chinese: Global Career Opportunities” την Πέμπτη, 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2021, στις 17:00 μ.μ. – 18:30 μ.μ.
Η εκδήλωση εντάσσεται στις δράσεις του Ινστιτούτου Κομφούκιος που έχουν ως στόχο την εκμάθηση της Κινεζικής γλώσσας και τα ωφελήματα που προσφέρει στην επαγγελματική σταδιοδρομία.
Θα συζητηθούν θέματα όπως:

• Η χρησιμότητα της εκμάθησης της Κινεζικής γλώσσας
• Πώς μπορείτε να αποκτήσετε ευχέρεια στη χρήση της επίσημης γλώσσας της Κίνας
• Τα ωφελήματα που προσφέρει η γνώση της Κινέζικης γλώσσας στην καριέρα σας
• Οι υποτροφίες που προσφέρονται στην Κύπρο για την εκμάθηση της Κινέζικης γλώσσας

Φοιτητές και επαγγελματίες που μιλούν Κινέζικα, ζουν ή έχουν επισκεφθεί την Κίνα, θα μοιραστούν μαζί σας τις εμπειρίες και τις γνώσεις τους όσον αφορά την Κινέζικη γλώσσα και την Κίνα γενικότερα.

Το Ινστιτούτο Κομφούκιος θα προσφέρει σε πέντε συμμετέχοντες 20% έκπτωση στα δίδακτρα για τα μαθήματα του εαρινού ή χειμερινού εξάμηνο 2022-2023.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες ακολουθήστε τους λογαριασμούς @confucius_institute_ucy και @behivego στο Instagram.

Η διαδικτυακή διάλεξη θα πραγματοποιηθεί μέσω της εφαρμογής “Zoom”.
Μπορείτε να δείτε περισσότερες πληροφορίες  εδώ.


Huawei CEE & Nordic Job Fair
Huawei CEENordic Job Fair 002




International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship 2021

Center for Language Education and Cooperation

& Tianjin Foreign Studies University

4-week Online Chinese learning Program for Greek-Speakers

About the program:

  • Time: The program commences in December 2021 (the exact date soon to be announced) and provides full scholarship.

                    Classes will be free for scholarship-holders.  

  • Platform: Zoom or WebEx.
  • Teaching languages:

                      Modern Greek & English & Chinese

  • Class Outline:

          4 weeks, 10 hours/week, 2 hours/day.

  1. Chinese language acquisition courses
  2. Chinese traditional and contemporary culture courses
  3. A comparative study on the Chinese language and culture with the Greek language and culture. (With reference to the theoretical frameworks of Translation, Linguistics, and Pragmatics.)
  4. Symposium with the students of Modern Greek in Tianjin Foreign Studies University
The program may be organized with 10-15 participants per group.
  • Eligibility:
    1. An HSK test score is required. (No specific requirements for the level and the score)
    2. All applicants shall be citizens of Greece or Cyprus, or fluent in modern Greek

** Application procedures for the scholarship will be informed soon to eligible applicants through email. For pre-application, please fill in the form and send it to the contact email.


Deadline for the pre-application: 30th July 2021


China-Cyprus Friendship Cup – Chinese Proficiency Competition
The International Chinese language competition is global and occurs for two decades.
The participants are schools' and universities' students who love the Chinese Language.
This year's themes are 'One World, One Family' and 'Fly High With Chinese '.Screenshot 2021 06 15 112531
The competition will be divided into the Qualifying stage and the Final.
During the Qualifying stage students, who want to participate, should send a three-minute speech, in MP4 format and horizontally.
The Qualifying stage will be via Internet.
The Final will be take place in Strovolos Municipal Theater (100 Strovolos Avenue, 2020 Strovolos, P.C. BOX 28403, 2094 Strovolos) on July 18, 2021, with a physical appearance.
During the Final, finalists will do a three-minute speech, show their skills and answer some questions.
The participants will be divided into 3 groups based on their age (1st group: 6-12 years old, 2nd group: 13-18 years old and
3rd group: 19 years old and over).
At the same time, they will also be divided into two other groups (1st group: have Chinese language
as their mother tongue, and 2nd group: do not have Chinese language as their mother tongue).
Registration started and they will be until June 20, 2021. The last day of submission of the three-minute speech,in MP4 format and
horizontally will be on June 30. The students who will pass to the final stage will be informed on July 8.
Of course, there will be awards for the winners. The awards will be Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Also, there are awards for the
best presentation, the best idea, the best speech, and the most popular video on Facebook.
Anyone wishing to participate should contact via email: Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε. or by phone: 22263477.


Chinese Language Day - 20 April 2021

Chinese Language Video Festival

Do you still remember those incredible things that happened to you in spring time? They could be small but beautiful moments in the form of poem, a song or just some special pieces of memory…
The United Nations Office at Geneva, the Permanent Office of China to the United Nations at Geneva and the CMG would like to invite everyone whose mother tongue is not Chinese to make their own short videos to talk about spring and to tell their stories happening in spring.

The video works can include but not limited to the following themes and topics showcasing:

  • Chinese characters in the Chinese language
  • Chinese culinary culture
  • Chinese calligraphy
  • And the beauty of Chinese poetry


  • 18 March – 15 April ~ Registration form and video submission
  • 16 April – 19 April ~ Final review of works & program packaging
  • 20 April ~ Award Ceremony & broadcasting and streaming of prize-winning video works


  • Best Video Photography
  • Best Video Editing
  • Best Video Creativity
  • Best Video Influencer
  • Special Jury Award
  • Special Award of Youth Cultural Ambassador
  • Five ‘Excellent Organization Awards
For the Application Form click here.
Sign up:
  1. In order to sign up, candidates living in China should log in to the official website. They need to fill in the application form and upload the video file.

  2. Candidates living outside of China should fill in the same application form and send the completed form to the following email address: Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε. . In the subject area of the email, candidates should give the following information: name of the video & name of the contact person.

2021 "Chinese Bridge" online winter camp of Jinan University


APPLICATION TIME: December 25th 2020 to January 20th 2021

For the Application Guide click here.