Chinese Language Course for Teenagers (ages 8-18) 
  • Course Description: A beginners' course focuses on developing all the 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. The course aims to arouse the learner's interest of learning Chinese, and will equip the learners with useful words and expressions for practical use, covering greetings, expressing gratitude, inquiring and introducing each other, counting numbers 1-100, etc. The teaching language will be both Chinese and English.
  • Learning Outcomes:
  1. Have a basic knowledge of Chinese pronunciation system
  2. Establish a core vocabulary of the most frequently used 100 Chinese words and 90 characters.
Learning Materials: Textbook "Learn Chinese with Me" (Book 1) and handouts prepared by the teacher.
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Chinese Activity Course for Children (ages 6-8) 
  • Course Description: This is a Chinese language and culture activity course for young children who will get exposure to very basic Chinese language and culture through role-playing and hand-on activities.
  • Learning Outcomes:
  1. Develop interest in Chinese language and culture.
  2. Be able to count 1-10, talk about age, body parts, and family members, and give orders in simple Chinese.
Learning Materials: Prepared by the instructor.
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