6th Orientation Programme & seminars for teaching staff, Academic year 2015-16:
Announcement: The presenations on "Practical informaton on UCY and its administrative services" will not be offered this year. Staff can download the presentations (in Greek) from the year 2013-14.
(1) 9 & 16 September 2015: "Use of Blackboard" (introductory and advanced level), Information Systems Services (taught in Greek).
(2) 23 September 2015: Viper Plagiarism Scanner (taught in Greek). A workshop open to UCY instructors and students.
(3) 17 November 2015, 2-4 pmLecture topic "Good researchers are also good teachers".
Speaker: Prof. Andrew P. Dove, Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick. WATE (Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence) winner 2014 (speaker's CV).
Place: Amphitheatre B108, Building Council-Senate "Anastasios G. Leventis', University Campus.
Abstract: Research and teaching largely require the same skill-set in order to succeed, problem solving, creativity and logic. Throw in good presentation skills and finding a way to get others to understand what you are trying to say and it becomes clear that being a good researcher should automatically make you a good teacher!
While these skills may require moderation and different levels of focus, depending on which side of the divide you are focusing on, they are necessary all the same. This lecture will focus on highlighting the need for these skills, as well as, underlying a philosophy for research-led teaching.
(4) 14 & 15 December 2015, two-day workshop on "Research-led Teaching" - The first part of the discussion on Monday 14th December 2015 at 10:00-12:30 is open to all UCY instructors. On 14th and 15th December Dr. Mclean will meet with academics who wish to present their case study as they apply it (or discuss how to apply a case study) in their courses.
Examples of cases presented:
1. Faculty of Humanities-1
2. Faculty of Humanities-2
3. Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences
4. Faculty of Social Sciences & Education
5. Faculty of Letters
Facilitator:Dr. Neil McLean, Director, Teaching and Learning Centre, London School of Economics, UK
Place: Room 105, Social Facilities Centre, University Campus.
Brief description: Balancing the research and educational missions of a modern university can seem like a zero-sum game. Expectations on both sides are increasing, unlike resources and time. This discussion offers a comparative case to the University of Cyprus by outlining how another research-intensive university, the London School of Economics and Political Science, is seeking to strike a balance between research and education in ways that produce non-zero-sum situations, in which research and education combine. This approach explores how research-led teaching can also encompass teaching-led research and how student learning can be framed within applied research projects and tasks. The discussion will be practical, exploring how these challenges might be approached at the University of Cyprus.
Seminar assessment by participants 
Orientation Programme, Academic year 2014-15:
The presenations on "Practical informaton on UCY and its administrative services" will not be offered this year. Staff can download the presentations (in Greek) from the year 2013-14.
(1) 17 & 24 September 2014, "Use of Blackboard" (introductory and advanced level), Information Systems Services: The online registration form for the 2 workshops (taught in Greek) will be available and emailed to instructors end of August/beginning of September 2014.
(2) Seminar on "Linking Research to Teaching" (taught in English), 26 & 27 November 2014: Celebrating 10 years of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, 2004-2014
Download the programme details and short cv of the facilitator. 
Location: Room 105, Building no. 3, The Social Facilities Centre, UCY campus.
Facilitator: Alan Jenkins, Emeritus Professor, Oxford Brookes University, UK.
Seminar materials:
  1. 26 November 2014: Interactive Workshop: "Linking Discipline-Based Research with Teaching to Benefit Student Learning". presentation, handout
  2. 27 November 2014: Lecture: Developing Strategies for Linking Teaching and Research. presentation, handout

Orientation Programme, Academic year 2013-14:

Educational workshops for instructors:. Similarly to workshops offered in 2013-14 (taught in Greek), the KE.DI.MA. Board will decide soon whether these will be available in January/February 2015.

More information is available on the Greek version of  this site.

Within the framework of its regular activities, the Centre for Teaching and Learning offers a short Orientation Programme for new teaching staff at the beginning of each academic year.

For the year 2013-14, the Centre will be offering the following seminars:

    • 25 September 2013, "Practical informaton on UCY and its administrative services"
    • 2 & 9 October 2013, "Use of Blackboard" (introductory and advanced level), Information Systems Services

In previous Orientation Programmes, the Centre also offered an introductory workshop on teaching and learning in higher education. These workshops were facilitated by instructors from other universities from abroad. However, because of the current financial situation the Centre's Board has decided not to offer this type of workshop for the year 2013-14.

Therefore, in order to cover any educational needs of the UCY teaching staff and to create an opportunity for networking amongst staff, the Centre is working on a new structure for these seminars. Specifically, the Centre is suggesting organising workshops with facilitators within UCY, as follows:

5th February 2014: Assessment of students in HE: from theory to practice

12th February 2014: Use of presentation software for high quality course notes

Both workshops will be offerred in Greek and more information is available on the Greek version of this website.

Completed seminars for UCY academic staff:
The Centre for Teaching and Learning in cooperation with the Information Systems Services, is organising a workshop on "Using Blackboard". The workshop will be held on 13th March 2013. More information and online registration is available in Greek.


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