Basic aims and goals of the Centre

The Centre for Teaching and Learning of the University of Cyprus became active in September 2004. The aim of the Centre is to support teaching and learning, so that these may correspond to modern needs and internationally compatible and competitive quality criteria. The Centre is managed by the Director, the Deputy Director and its Board.

Basic goals are:

  • The development of a policy on teaching, learning and evaluation at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • The support of Departments and academic staff on matters of development of Study Programmes.
  • The support of Departments and academic staff on matters of planning, management and evaluation of teaching.
  • The monitoring and upkeep of supporting infrastructure for teaching.
  • The support of Departments and of all those involved in teaching, learning and production of teaching material.
  • The development of mechanisms and of strategies for quality assurance in teaching.
  • The development of study skills for all those involved in the learning process
  • The development of a system for the evaluation of teaching and the organisation, management and safe keeping of data.
  • The development of mechanisms for rewarding and disseminating "good practices" and quality teaching.
  • The promotion of the eLearning Policy of the University of Cyprus.