Georgios Pafitanis
Pafitanis Georgios
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He obtained his Doctorate in Medicine (MD) with distinction from the University of Ioannina (Greece). He completed his foundation medical training at the Mersey deanery (University of Liverpool), his core surgical training at the London Postgraduate School of Surgery and his higher specialist training in central London hospitals as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng).

He is also qualified in Surgical skills and Sciences (MSc), Aesthetic Medicine (PGCert) and completed his thesis for the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Reconstructive Microsurgery working on microsurgery motor skills acquisition, objective assessments methodologies and development of high-fidelity simulation models in microvascular surgery at the Microsurgery Simulation Anastomosis Hub (MASH Lab) for which he received the Robert Zhong Award (2016) by the International Society for Experimental Microsurgery (ISEM). He is an Instructor for Technology & Innovation - International Microsurgery Simulation Society (IMSS) and faculty for the MSc in Reconstructive Microsurgery (Queen Mary University of London) since 2016. 

He published 72 peer-reviewed (Pubmed:56) articles in international journals with 217 citations (h-index=8), and delivered 77 international presentations. He contributed as author in writing 7 chapters in books for Perforators Flaps, Lymphatic Microsurgery, Microsurgery Training and he is currently serving as editor in 2 books for Core Flaps in Reconstructive Microsurgery with Springer Press Nature (Europe) and Supermicrosurgery. 

He completed the Hanyang University Hospital Microsurgery Fellowship 2015, Korea (Prof Jeong Tae Kim), the Supermicrosurgery and Lymphatic Microsurgery Fellowship 2016 in Tokyo University Hospital, Japan (Prof Isao Koshima) and the Advanced Fellowship in Reconstructive Microsurgery 2018 in China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan (Prof Hung-Chi Chen). He further trained as a post-CCT fellow in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at The London Clinic (Mr David Ross, Mr Paul Harris and Mr Charles East) in 2019, and at the Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Sweden (Prof Per Heden). He further worked at the Guys’ and St’ Thomas Senior Microsurgery as a Fellow 2019 and received the Perth Plastic Surgery Fellowship 2020. He was also awarded the European Society of Plastic Surgery Fellowship (ESPRAS Fellow 2019) and the EURAPS Young Plastic Surgeons Scholarship 2020. 



Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Reconstructive Microsurgery and Supermicrosurgery

Trauma and Orthoplastic (Upper and Lower Extremity) Surgery

Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery

Oncoplastic Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Free Tissue Transfer - Flap Surgery


Microvascular Flowmetry (Transit Time Volume Flowmetry)

Surgical Simulation Training (Curriculum Design - Novel training models)

Electromagnetic Motion Analysis in Surgery - Microsurgical Learning Curves

Pre-operative ultrasound perforators vessels mapping