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Language Centre
Campus Supplementary Offices (CSO), 021
University Campus

She earned a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour (MSc) from CIIM in 2012 with a CyHRMA scholarship; also a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Henley Management College of London, and a Diploma in Management from Henley Management College of London. She Received a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL  from the Dean College of London. She has been employed by the University of Cyprus initially at the Technical Services/Campus Development Office. Now she is a member of the Administrative team of the Language Centre.

She is the representative of the administrative Personnel at KEPEAA, a member of the Henley International Alumni Association (HIAA) since 2005 and a member of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association since 2007. She holds the position of the Cultural Representative of the Community Council of Massari since January 2007.

She participated in a team for research in "The Role of the Church of Cyprus and of Religion in the co-existance of GC & TC", also at the "Future Together UNFICYP program" 2011 and the "Mob Lang LLP project" 2009-2011.  She held the position of the Administrative Coordinator of the "Foreign Language Instructional Technology Conference" in 2010.    She served as a member of the Jury for Children’s painting competition organized by the University in 2006, a member of the Committee Strategic Programming of Administrative Services – TQM of the University in 2004-2005 and a member of the European Management Assistants Association in 1997-2004 (representative of the UC administrative staff in 1987-1989).

She has edited a number of publications; "Our Roots .... hapitants of Ayia Marina Xyliatou" - 2013, "St Nicholas of Baratzis, Prastio/Neo Livadi Morfou" - 2012; "Monk Kyrillos Loizides" - 2011; "Aristides P Tziamalis" - 2010; "Re-approach Strategies of the Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots" - 2009.  She also published books as co-author for the publications "WaySite Shrines/ Chapel Shrines of Cyprus" - 2022,  "Solomonides family, a trip from Cyprus to the island of Poros" - 2012; "Massari – Memories of a land" - 2008.