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Department of Architecture
Ledras, 204
23A Ariadnis & 68 Ledras str.
Andreas Savvides is a registered architect and city planner and a LEED® Accredited Professional. He studied architecture and city planning in California and Massachusetts and he has practiced as part of interdisciplinary design teams working on institutional projects in the United States (New England region). He has also served as one of the education directors at the Boston Architectural Center (BAC) where he taught, amongst others, design studios and workshops in interdisciplinary design and integrated project delivery. His work has been published in the Journal of Urban Design (JUD) and in Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal and it has received an honorable mention by the ARCC Journal. In 2002 he won an Eisenhower Research Fellowship to carry our research on Highway Joint Development at the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center. More recently and as part of a three-person team with Stephen Moore and Don Giard, they won the prize for Best Green Design for their Roxbury Gardens proposal, part of the AIA sponsored Dudley Square Competition in 2008. Also, working together with the BAC’s Practice Department Head Len Charney, they won second place for the 2009 NCARB Prize, validating longstanding coursework integrating academic and professional training and collaboration in architectural design and development.
Andreas' research interests are in sustainable design and development practices leading to the densification and regeneration of underperforming and underutilized urban cores. His approach to the field looks at both the environmental and the cultural factors pertaining to sustainable urban design and development with a focus on transit oriented development.
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