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FEB 01 - Faculty of Economics and Management, 109
University Campus
Ph.D. Risk Management & Insurance, Georgia State University, USA, Awarded in January 2007.
B.Sc. Actuarial Science (with Honors; graduated first in class) and Minor in Mathematics, The Pennsylvania State University, USA, May 2001.
Andreas joined the Department of Public & Business Administration of the University of Cyprus in 2009. His prior academic work experience includes a two-year Lectureship at the Accounting and Finance Department of the Manchester Business School. His prior professional experience includes a two year position as an Actuarial Associate at Towers Perrin, Philadephia, PA. Andreas has also conducted significant short term consulting projects (i.e. banking risk assessment, forecasting, insurance, risk management, financial pricing) for major institutions such as the European Central Bank (ECB).
Corporate Finance; Risk Management; Compensation Incentives; Credit Risk; Catastrophe Risk; Mortality Risk; Regime Switching Models; Asset and Liability Pricing; Financial Institutions and Markets; Public Policy and Regulatory Issues.
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*This paper has won the best paper award at the 2012 EGRIE meeting.

**This paper has been nominated for the 2011 Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize.