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Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Green Park, 509

Claus Rebholz is Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Cyprus (UCY) and heads the Advanced Coatings Engineering Group. Hailing from the Danube valley in Southern Germany, he initially studied at the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen in the Black Forest (with industrial placements in Germany and Japan), where he earned a Diploma/BSc (1993) in Materials and Surface Engineering. He subsequently moved to the UK on a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship and obtained MSc (1995) and PhD (2000) degrees from the University of Hull in Engineering Design and Manufacture.

Prof. Rebholz spent six years at the Robert Bosch Group, first as a Research & Development Executive Management Trainee in several research centres in Germany, Japan and the US (1998-2001) and then as a group leader & manager of a multidisciplinary profit centre in the area of laser materials processing in Stuttgart/Germany (2001-2004), before joining the faculty at UCY. His research interests span a wide range with a focus on the processing-structure-properties relation in tailor made functional materials for automotive, energy and nanomanufacturing applications. Much of this work has been carried out collaborating with industry and other research groups across the world. Among his recognitions, Prof. Rebholz received a European Commission Marie Curie Excellence Team Leader Award for his work on nano-heater systems for thermal nanomanufacturing. He is an Editor for the Elsevier journal Surface and Coatings Technology and holds Visiting Academic/ Professor positions in Materials Science at Montanuniversitӓt Leoben (Austria), Materials Chemistry at RWTH Aachen (Germany) and Materials at the University of Manchester (UK). As a father of six children, he takes great joy in producing all kinds of food with them and his wife from their family olive groves.

Research in the Advanced Coatings Engineering Laboratory focuses on thin films and advanced materials with the goal to contribute towards the basic understanding required to synthesise tailor made functional materials. Activities span over a wide range with an emphasis on the processing-structure-properties relation in advanced materials for automotive, biomedical, energy and nanomanufacturing applications. Examples include the deposition of nanostructured coatings by plasma-assisted physical vapour deposition (PVD) techniques; the fabrication of reactive materials by PVD, ball-milling, ultrasonic powder consolidation and high-pressure torsion; the synthesis of functionalized carbon-based materials with optimized porosity and pore size for improved hydrogen sorption and ion electro-sorption, gas separation and water purification; and the design and manufacture of new tribological testing equipment and implants.

Selected Recent Publications (2020-present)

  • Stock, S., Kostoglou, N., Selinger, J., Spirk, S., Tampaxis, C., Charalambopoulou, G., Steriotis, T., Rebholz, C., Mitterer, C. and Paris, O., Coffee Waste-Derived Nanoporous Carbons for Hydrogen Storage”, Applied Energy Materials (2022) in press.
  • Kostoglou, N., Koczwara, C., Stock, S., Tampaxis, C., Charalambopoulou, G., Steriotis, T., Paris, O., Rebholz, C. and Mitterer, C., Nanoporous polymer-derived activated carbon for hydrogen adsorption and electrochemical energy storage”, Chemical Engineering Journal 427 (2022) 131730.
  • Zulfiqar, U., Kostoglou, N., Thomas, A.G., Rebholz, C. Matthews, A. and Lewis, D.J., Flexible nanoporous activated carbon for adsorption of organics from industrial effluents”, Nanoscale 13 (2021) 15311-15323.
  • Renk, O., Tkadletz, M., Kostoglou, N., Gunduz, I.E., Fezzaa, K., Sun, T., Stark, A., Doumanidis, C.C., Eckert, J., Pippan, R., Mitterer, C. and Rebholz, C., “Synthesis of bulk reactive Ni-Al composites using high pressure torsion”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 857 (2021) 157503.
  • Kostoglou, N., Liao, C.-W., Wang, C.-Y., Kondo, J.N., Tampaxis, C., Steriotis, T., Giannakopoulos, K., Kontos, A.G., Hinder, S., Baker, M., Bousser, E., Matthews, A., Rebholz, C. and Mitterer, C., “Effect of Pt nanoparticle decoration on the H2 storage performance of plasma-derived nanoporous graphene”, Carbon 171 (2021) 294-305.
  • Kostoglou, N., Tampaxis, C., Charalambopoulou, G., Constantinides, G., Ryzhkov, V., Doumanidis, C., Matovic, B., Mitterer, C. and Rebholz, C., “Boron nitride nanotubes versus carbon nanotubes: A thermal stability and oxidation behavior study”, Nanomaterials 10 (2020) 2435.

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