Staff Catalogue


Department of Education
Crosspoint, 306
40, Kallipoleos Ave.

Clea Hadjistephanou Papaellina is a permanent member of the Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus in Physical Education. She is member of the Univeristy’s Sports Council.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from the University of California Berkeley (1984-1988), USA. Master of Arts in Physical Education with distinction from California State University Chico, USA (1989-1990) and Ph.D. in Physical Education from the University of Athens, School of Philosophy, GREECE (1992-1996) with a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece. Graduated with distinction.

She has special interest and is involved with issues related to Olympism, Olympic Education, and Sports Management. She has a long voluntary participation in Cyprus Olympic Committee and was the Director of Olympic Coordination Office "Athens 2004" of the Cyprus Olympic Committee in charge of Volunteerism, Torch Relay, Cultural Olympiad and Olympic Education.She was also a  member of the “Women and Sport” Committee of the Cyprus NOC and represented Cyprus Olympic Committee as a participant and speaker in international seminars. She has been a member of the EOC Commission “Technical Cooperation and Sport Development” and the “EOC Women and Equality in Sport Commission”.

She was the Legacy Program Director of the International Committee of the Meditteranean Games. In 2003 she was appointed by the Cyprus Sport Organization as the Ambassador of Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play for the year 2004 and represented Cyprus in the Council of Europe  and promoted in Cyprus the message of fair play. She has been appointed by the Council of Ministers as the Chairwoman of the Cyprus Sports Organisation, the highest authority in all matters of Sports in Cyprus and was also a member of the Board.  She was also appointed as member of the Executive Committee of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, was Assistant Dean of the Cyprus Olympic Academy and Director of Olympic Education of the Cyprus NOC.

She was in the Cyprus NOC Delegation as Olympic Attachée for Cyprus in the Athens Olympic Games and member of the Cyprus NOC Cyprus Delegation in many other Games. She was a member of the Board of the Cyprus University Sports Federation and Member of the National Committee of Cultural Olympiad of Cyprus.

She is a Corresponding Member of the Education Commission of the International Federation of Sports Medicine and an Honorary Member of the Sport Medicine Association of Greece.

  • Teaching and Learning of Physical Education
  • Sports History
  • Olympism
  • Olympic Education
  • Women and Sports
  • Sports Administration
  • Anti-doping.