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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Dimitris, is currently a Lecturer in Coastal Engineering. Prior to this, he was a Lecturer in Offshore Energy Engineering at Cranfield University, a research associate in Coastal and Maritime Engineering in the department of Civil Engineering and the department of Mechanical Engineering at UCL, UK, and a teaching and research fellow in Coastal Engineering, at the department of Civil Engineering, University of Southampton, UK. He holds a degree in Marine Science from the University of the Aegean, Greece, an MSc and a PhD in Coastal Engineering from the department of Civil Engineering, University of Southampton. 

Dimitris is also the (co-)author of more than 20 journal publications and more than 37 contributions in peer-reviewed international conferences. He sits on the editorial board of three international journals, he is a reviewer for several scientific journals and an evaluator of research proposals for international funding bodies, like EPSRC (UK) and Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (Greece). He has participated in, and he has led research projects funded by EPSRC and by the EU, and he has worked closely with international Coastal and Offshore Engineering consultancy firms contributing to the solution of problems associated with the design of coastal defenses, offshore structures, wind and wave energy converters.

CV and publication list

  • Resilience and survivability of coastal and offshore infrastructure in a changing climate
  • Shoreline response to climate forcing and coastal zone management
  • Offshore wind and wave energy conversion   
  • Maritime flow – structure interaction  

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