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Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Green Park, 206
91, Aglantzias Ave.
 Dimitrios Tzeranis holds a Diploma degree (2003) in mechanical engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and the S.M. (2005) and Ph.D. (2013) degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His undergraduate studies and S.M. research focused on dynamic systems, design and robotics. His doctoral dissertation (supervised by Prof. I. Yannas and Prof. P. TC So) focused on the ability of biomaterials to induce regeneration in injured peripheral nerves. During his post-doctoral research, he was trained in biomechanics, multiplex proteomics (NTUA Systems Bioengineering lab & Protatonce Ltd, 2013-2016), stem-cell based implants and neurodegeneration (ΙΜΒΒ-FORTH, 2016-2019). He was awarded the Marie Curie Individual fellowship (2015-2017) and the ELIDEK postgraduate grant (2018-2021).

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 Dr. Tzeranis research interests focus on developing and fabricating biomedical systems/devices that combine mechatronic systems, optical systems and biomaterials. His research builds around his world-class expertise and hands-on experience in the fabrication of Porous Collagen-based Scaffolds (PCS) and their applications.

His major research fields of interest are

  • Fabrication and characterization of PCS.
  • Cell-biomaterial interactions.
  • Biomaterial effects on stem cells, emphasizing neural stem cells.
  • Biomaterial effects on wound healing in injured organs.
  • Design, fabrication and characterization of tissue constructs based on PCS.
  • Biomaterial microfabrication
  • Biomechanics of biomaterials and tissues.
  • Optical systems, microscopy and spectroscopy, image informatics based on high content fluorescence imaging.

The major application areas of Dr. Tzeranis research are:

  • Regenerative medicine implants, emphasizing the nervous system.
  • Implantable devices for cell and drug delivery.
  • 3D tissue models for neuropharmacology studies.
Dr Tzeranis has published 19 articles in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of biomaterials, optics, medical devices and biomechanics (h-index 12).

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