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Language Centre
Campus Supplementary Offices (CSO), 013
University Campus

Undergraduate studies at the University of Ankara (B.A. in Greek Language and Literature,2000). Graduated studies at the University of Athens (M.A. Greek Philology,2003). She has completed M.A. seminars in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language at 9 Eylul University of Izmir. She hold Ph.D thesis on Teaching Turkish to Greek speakers as a Foreing Language at the Department of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies of the University of Athens. 

Professional experience includes the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language at the Anatolian Languages and Culture Centre from 2000 to 2005 in Athens. Since 2005, She has been working at the Language Centre of the University of Cyprus as a Turkish instructor and coordinator. She has been a member of the Pancyprian Exam Committee for Turkish language since 2005She has also been responsible for COT Turkish exams since 2010From 2009 to 2011 she worked as a researcher at Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union “Moblang” teaching foreign languages via mobile phones. She is responsible for preparation of translation exams (Turkish into Greek and Greek into Turkish) on behalf of the Ministry of Interior since 2017. She is also doing translations in both languages. She recently has traslated two books into named "Dengesiz Adım" (2013) and "Yanılsama" (2016). In 2017, she participated as a coordinator and instructor of Turkish language in "Bi-Communal Education Programme for teaching Greek and Turkish to Greek and Turkish Cypriots". 


  • Teaching Turkish as a foreign Language
  • Error Analysis
  • Syllabus Design
  • Functional Lingiuistic
  • Drama technic for language teaching
  • Peace education
  • materials development
  • I.T. technologies



Turkish- Greek phrasebook, Kalokathi press, July 2003

Translation into Greek the exhibition catalogue "Journey to the end of the life" by Huseyin Ozinal, October 2011

Translation into Greek the project "The key of peace in Cyprus" by Famagusta Initiative, May 2012

Translation into Turkish the book "Unbalanced Step" by Christos Hatzipapas, June 2013

Translation into Turkish the book "Διάψευση" by Angeliki Smyrli, 2016



"Difficulties in Teaching Turkish As A Foreign Language in South Cyprus", E-dil Dergisi, June 2015

"Mobil Dil Öğrenimi ve «Moblang» aracılığıyla mobil Türkçe öğrenimi" E-dil Dergisi, 2016

“Analayzing Anxiety Levels of Greek Cypriots Learning Turkish As a Foreign Language”, Turkish Studies- International Periodical for The Languages, Literature    and History of Turkish or Turkic, 2018