Staff Catalogue


Department of Education
40, Kallipoleos Ave.
BA in Philosophy and Social Sciences (Education, Psychology and Sociology), University of Crete, Greece.PhD in Philosophy, Cardiff (University of Wales) and Berlin (Germany).1995-6: Part-Time Lecturer at the University of Wales, Cardiff.1996-7: Associate Lecturer at the University of Wales, Cardiff.1997-2002: Lecturer in Philosophy of Education at the University of Cyprus.2002- 2008: Assistant Prof of Philosophy of Education at the University of Cyprus.2008-2015: Associate Prof of Philosophy of Education at the University of Cyprus, Department of Educaiton.
2015 -  : Prof of Philosophy of Education at the University of Cyprus, Department of Education.
2017 - 2021:  Professor II at the University of Oslo, Department of Educational Studies, Oslo, Norway.
20th century Continental Philosophy; Philosophy of Education; Cosmopolitanism, Globalization and their Relevance to Contemporary Philosophy of Education; the Frankfurt School, Discourse Ethics, Apel and Habermas; the modernism - postmodernism divide; utopia and educational ideals; epistemology, ethics, aesthetics and language as focal points of educational philosophy.
Books: M. Papastephanou, Eccentric Cosmopolitanism and a Globalized World. New York: Routledge, 2015. M. Papastephanou, Educated Fear and Educated Hope: Utopia, Dystopia and the Plasticity of Humanity. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2009.
Book Editions: Bostad, I., Papastephanou, M., & Strand, T. 2023. Justice, Education, and the World of Today: Philosophical Investigations. Taylor & Francis. M. Papastephanou, ed., Toward New Philosophical Explorations of the Epistemic Desire to Know: Just Curious About Curiosity. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 2019. Strand, T., Smith, R., Pirrie, A., Papastephanou, M. and Gregoriou, Z. Philosophy as interplay and dialogue: viewing landscapes within philosophy of education Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2017. M. Papastephanou, ed., Cosmopolitanism: Educational, Philosophical and Historical Perspectives Dordrecht: Springer, 2016. M. Papastephanou, ed., Philosophical Contributions to Compulsory Education. Dordrecht: Springer, 2014. M. Papastephanou, Torill Strand, and Anne Pirrie, eds., Philosophy as a Lived Experience Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2013. M. Papastephanou, ed., Karl-Otto Apel: From A Transcendental-Semiotic Point of View. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1998.
Special Issues: M. Papastephanou, ed., (2018). Cosmopolitanism in the Time of Terror, Knowledge Cultures 6(3), 7-102.  Klas Roth and M. Papastephanou, eds. (2012). The World and the Teacher: prospects and challenges for teacher education in an age of cosmopolitanization, Ethics and Global Politics 5(4), 187-279.

Articles (selected):
(2023) M. Papastephanou, Coming full circle: A pamphlet on Ukraine, education and catastrophe. Educational Philosophy and Theory55(1), 77-88.
(2023) M. Papastephanou, Democratic education and curiosity. Ethics and Education18(3-4), 331-353.
(2023) M. Papastephanou, Curiosity and Democracy: A Neglected Connection. Philosophies8(4), 1-16.
(2023) M. Papastephanou, Echoes and Sounds of Karl Jaspers' “Limit Situation”. Symposium, 30(1), 41-62.
(2023) M. Papastephanou, Global citizenship education, its partial curiosity and its world politics: Visions, ambiguities and perspectives on justice. Citizenship Teaching & Learning18(2), 229-243.
(2023) M. Papastephanou, & Drousioti, K. On learning and unlearning. Policy Futures in Education, 14782103231176605.
(2023) Norefalk, C., & Papastephanou, M. Analytic philosophy of education: Some suggested questions and directions. Theory and Research in Education21(3), 337-349.
(2023) Peters, M. A., Jackson, L., Papastephanou, M., C. W., ... & Fuller, S. AI and the future of humanity: ChatGPT-4, philosophy and education–Critical responses. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 1-35.
(2023) Wang, C., Jackson, L., Papastephanou, M., D. A., ... & Besley, T. Scholarly Responses to “Who Leads, Who Follows?”. Beijing International Review of Education5(1-2), 51-91.
(2022) M. Papastephanou, Curiosity beyond Foucault. Constellations29(2), 197-213.
(2022) M. Papastephanou, Zembylas, M., Bostad, I., Oral, S. B., Drousioti, K., Kouppanou, A., ... & Tesar, M. Philosophy of education in a new key: Education for justice now. Educational Philosophy and Theory54(8), 1083-1098.
(2022) Peters, M. A., Rizvi, F., McCulloch, G., Gibbs, P., Gorur, R., Hong, M., ... & Misiaszek, L. Reimagining the new pedagogical possibilities for universities post-Covid-19: An EPAT Collective Project. Educational Philosophy and Theory54(6), 717-760.
(2022) Drousioti, K., & Papastephanou, M. Incriminatory utopias: Utopian visions creating scapegoats. Thesis Eleven173(1), 42-61.
(2021) M. Papastephanou, Loyalty, justice, and limit-situations. Journal of Philosophical Research46, 221-242.
(2021) M. Papastephanou, Philosophy of education in times of crises and pandemics. Education Sciences11(11), 1-15.
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(2021) M. Papastephanou, Pandemic totalitarianisms, limit situations and forced vaccinations. Philosophy Intern. Journal4(4), 1-15.
(2021) M. Papastephanou, 'On (Crypto-)Normativity'. Critical Horizons22(3), 250-271.
(2021) M. Papastephanou, 'Open-Mindedness and the (un-)controversial in Classrooms'. Educational Theory71(5), 561-588.
(2021) M. Papastephanou, Reclaiming learning. Policy Futures in Education19(1), 13-27.
(2021) M. Papastephanou, Learning in the city and responding reactively. Ethics and Education16(4), 440-463.
(2020) M. Papastephanou, ‘Hannah Arendt, Karl Jaspers and World Citizenship Rethought’ New German Critique 47(2), 21-44. 
(2020) M. Papastephanou, 'Education and its Philosophy as Pandemic'. Knowledge Cultures 8(2), 7-13.
(2020) M. Papastephanou, 'What Lies Within Gert Biesta's Going Beyond Learning?' Ethics and Education15(3), 275-299. 

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Also: 41 Chapters in Books/Collections of Essays. 2 Review Articles (blind review process, in refereed journals). 19 Book Reviews. Various Publications in Greek. Numerous Contributions in Conference Proceedings. And many Theatre Reviews and other such interventions in Cypriot cultural life.