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Department of Social and Political Sciences
FEB 01 - Faculty of Economics and Management, B106
University Campus
I am assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Cyprus. I previously taught at the University of Leiden and the University of Nottingham (China Campus). I hold a PhD in Political Science from York University in Canada, a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Nottingham, UK, and a bachelors degree in International Relations from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara.   

My research interests lie at the intersection of historical sociology, political economy and International Relations (IR). More specifically, I engage with Historical Sociology and Political Economy to address three particular and interrelated questions in International Relations. The first is the question of the origins and development of the modern international order, with a particular focus on the Ottoman Empire, Turkey and the wider Middle Eastern region. The second is the question of how to theorize and historicize ‘late modernization’ and ‘late industrialization’ in global political economy. The third relates to the problem of ‘Eurocentrism’, i.e. the question of how to conceptualize the constitutive impact of non-Western peoples on the origins and development of the modern international order.
International Relations Theory, Historical Sociology, Political Economy

Publications - Books

Duzgun, Eren, Capitalism, Jacobinism and International Relations: Revisiting Turkish Modernity, 2022, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (The LSE International Studies book series).

Publications - Journal Articles

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Publications - Scholarly Book Chapters

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