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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
FST 01 - Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, ΣΘΕΕ01/032
University Campus

Professor of Applied Mathematics. He received his diploma in chemical engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 1985, M.Sc. in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan in 1986, and Ph.D. in 1989 from UM also. He has been a research associate for the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (1990-1992) and for the Foundation of Research and Technology at Heraklion, Crete (Fall 1996), and a visiting Associate Professor at the University of Patras (Fall 2001),  the Departments of Mathematics (Spring 2004) and Materials Science and Technology (Spring 2004 and 2005) of the University of Crete, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Cyprus University of Technology (Fall 2011),  the Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean (Spring 2014-2019), and at the Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Brasil (Spring 2018). His funded research projects include the following: simulations of polymer extrusion instabilities, numerical solution of PDEs, and oceanographic simulations in the Eastern Mediterranean. He has published more than 120 research papers, mostly in the field of rheology. He published 1 book in english (CRC Press) and 2 books in greek, and edited 3 Proceedings Volumes. He was a foudning member and served a President of the Hellenic Society of Rheology (2002-2004; 2017-2019). He serves as the Director of the Oceanography Center, University of Cyprus (2003-).

Computational Rheology Numerical Simulations of Viscoelastic Flows Numerical Solution of PDEs Finite Element Methods Computational Oceanography


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