Staff Catalogue

Ioannis Balafas

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Green Park, GP312
Ioannis Balafas was born in Volos (Greece) in April, 1974. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering (University of Patras, 1997), an MSc in Structural Dynamics (University of Sheffield, 1999) and a PhD concerning the economics of new materials in concrete design (University of Cambridge 2003). During his studies in Cambridge he worked as a supervisor of Structural Mechanics at Downing College of Cambridge University.Since October 2003, he works as a Design Engineer with Tony Gee and Partners Consulting Engineers (TGP) in London. While working in TGP he has been involved with the erection design of: Wembley Stadium (erection of roof, south part), Heathrow airport's new 85m control tower and Stonecutter's cable stay bridge in Hong Kong (1018m main span). He was also involved with strengthening various types of bridges throughout the UK using FRP reinforcement. From January 2007 to May 2010 he was a visiting lecturer at the Departments of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Architectural Engineering at the University of Cyprus. From May 2010 he is holding a teaching post in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Cyprus.
Reinforced and prestressed concrete design with steel and fibre reinforced polymers, corrosion of steel bars in concrete, bridge assessment, bridge repair costs, traffic delays, concrete under lateral constraints, concrete compaction.
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