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Department of English Studies
Office Building M, 006
75, Kallipoleos Ave.
Konstantinos Kritsis joined the UCY Department of English Studies in 2019 as Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting Studies. He has pursued his academic studies and career alongside his professional work as freelance translator and interpreter between Greek, English, and German. His teaching experience includes designing and delivering courses/modules in both disciplines at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level in different academic settings in Europe (Greece, UK) and the Middle East (Oman). His research interests centre on the interface(s) between theatre/acting and translation/interpreting as well as on issues pertinent to cross-linguistic/-cultural discourse analysis.

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Drama/Theatre Translation
Public Service/Community Interpreting
Interpreter Training
Translation and Interpreting History and Theory
Discourse analysis
Kritsis, K., & Floros, G. (2015). Εικονικά Περιβάλλοντα Εκπαίδευσης Διερμηνέων: IVY – Interpreting in Virtual Reality [Virtual Learning Environments for Interpreter Training: IVY – Interpreting in Virtual Reality]. Στο/In V. Kourdis, & E. Loupaki E. ( Επ./Eds.), Όψεις της ελληνόφωνης μεταφρασεολογίαςΜελέτες για τη μετάφραση αφιερωμένες στην Τώνια Νενοπούλου-Δρόσου [Facets of Greek Translation Studies: Festschrift for Tonia Nenopoulou-Drosou] (pp. 87-100). Thessaloniki: CopyCity.



Khedri, M., Hasan E. K., & Kritsis, K. (2020 - under review). Rhetorical structure and persuasive features of advertising: An intercultural analysis of English and Arabic online advertisements.

Khedri, M., & Kritsis, K. (2020). How do we make ourselves heard in the writing of a research article? A study of authorial references in four disciplines. Australian Journal of Linguistics 40(2), pp. 194-217. doi: 10.1080/07268602.2020.1753011

Jamoussi, R., & Kritsis, K. (2019). Another scattered pearl: I. A. I Barsoum’s risālah fī usūl al ta‘rīb ‘an al siriānīah. Translation & Interpreting 11(2), pp. 5-17. Available online:

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