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Department of Social and Political Sciences
FEB 01 - Faculty of Economics and Management, Β116
University Campus
Costas M. Constantinou is Professor of International Relations at the University of Cyprus with research interests in diplomacy, conflict, international political theory, and legal and normative aspects of international relations. He completed his PhD with an Overseas Research Scholarship at Lancaster University, and taught at the Universities of Hull, Keele and Lancaster, and as visiting academic at Taras Shevchenko University, Kiev, and the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. He was Visiting Fellow at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and, besides Cyprus, he has conducted fieldwork in India, Nepal, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Kenya. His research received international awards and distinctions, and external funding by, inter alia, the EU 7th Framework Programme, EEA Grants, the Leverhulme Trust and the Leventis Foundation. He has served as external assessor at universities in Europe, America, Africa and Australia and on several editorial boards, inter alia, Diplomatica, International Political Sociology, Politics, Religion and Ideology, and Review of International Studies. 
He teaches the following courses:
SPS 641 – Diplomacy (postgraduate)
SPS 624 – Topographies of Peace and Conflict (postgraduate)
SPS 540 – International Political Theory (postgraduate)
SPS 456 – Global Commons (undergraduate)
SPS 377 – Power and Legitimation in International Politics (undergraduate)
  • Diplomacy
  • Conflict
  • International Political Theory
  • Legal and Normative Aspects of IR

His research currently focuses on:

(1) Inequality and Inclucivity in Multilateral Diplomacy: Studying the norms, prospects and challenges of including actors beyond sovereign states in multilateral diplomacy and decision-making processes at the UN.

(2) Reconceiving Self-Determination: Οn the basis and also beyond the provisions of international law, studying how relational, intersectional and decolonial perspectives problematize the right, stakes and practices of self-determination in world politics.

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  • Constantinou, C.M. and Christodoulou, E. (2024) "On Making Peace with Nature: Visions and Challenges towards an Ecological Diplomacy", Review of International Studies, 50(3): 579-599.
  • Constantinou, C.M. (2023) "Humanitarian Diplomacy as Moral History", Peacebuilding, 11(1): 1-19.
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  • Demetriou, O., Constantinou, C.M. and Tselepou, M. (2023) "Lateral Colonialism: Exploring Modalities of Engagement in Decolonial Politics from the Periphery", Third World Quarterly, 44(9): 2173-2190.
  • Constantinou, C. M. and  Hadjimichael, M. (2021) "Liquid Entitlement: Sea, Terra, Law, Commons", Global Society, 35(3): 351-372.
  • Constantinou, C.M. (2021) "Why Greeks and Turks Fight", Current History, 120(824): 105-111.
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  • Constantinou, C. M. and Opondo, S. O. (2021) "On Biodiplomacy: Negotiating Life and Plural Modes of Existence", Journal of International Political Theory, 17(3): 316-336.
  • Constantinou, C.M., Cornago, N. and McConnell, F. (2017) Transprofessional Diplomacy (Brill)
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