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Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Green Park,


  • Dr. Rer. Nat. in Physical Chemistry, Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, University of Potsdam, GERMANY (June 2003)
  • M.Sc. in Chemical Research and Diploma of the Imperial College (DIC), Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, ENGLAND (September 2000)
  • B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Cyprus, CYPRUS (June 1999)


  • Professor, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus (December 2022 – present)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus (July 2015 – December 2022)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus (January 2010 – June 2015)
  • Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus (September 2005 – January 2010)
  • Post-doctoral research associate, Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus. Project Title: “Synthesis, characterization and applications of amphiphilic hydrogels prepared using the controlled polymerization method RAFT” (January 2005 – August 2005)
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus (September 2003 – January 2005)



  •  Vice-chairperson, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (October 2015 - present)
  •  Coordinator of the Departmental Health and Safety Committee (October 2015 - present)
  •  Coordinator of the Departmental Promotion Committee (October 2015 - present)
  •  Member of the Academic Council of the Nanotechnology Research Center of the University of Cyprus (June 2014 – present)
  •  Responsible for the MME Department website (November 2012 – present)
  •  Member of the Committee for the Ernst-Young Prize (2010 – present)
  •  Member of the “Health and Safety” Board of the School of Engineering (December 2011 –present)
  •  Coordinator of the MME postgraduate studies program (2006 – 2011)
  •  Coordinator of the MME postgraduate seminar series (spring semester 2006)



Experimental and statistical analysis, mechanical properties of polymers, polymer processing, chemistry for engineers, characterization methods of polymers and colloids, polymers in biomedical applications, materials science and engineering, polymer-based nanocomposites.



Chemical Science, ACS Macro Letters, Macromolecules, Chemical Communications, Biomacromolecules, Acta Biomaterialia, Polymer Chemistry, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, RSC Advances, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, Polymer, European Polymer Journal, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Tetrahedron Letters, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Journal of Materials Science, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Drug Delivery, New Journal of Chemistry, Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, e-Polymers , Journal of Inorganic Materials Polymers, Journal of Drug Delivery, Science and Technology, Physical Sciences Research International.


  • American Chemical Society – U.S.A. – Member
  • Royal Society of Chemistry, – U.K. – Member
  • Pancyprian Union of Chemists – Cyprus – Member (member of the Newsletter publication team)


  • Max-Planck Society: “Promotion Stipendium”. Ph.D. full-Scholarship Award (2001-2003).
  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London: Distinction (M.Sc. in Chemical Research – 1st Class Honours), Diploma of Imperial College in Chemical Research (DIC) (2000).
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) (German Academic Exchange Service): One-year Scholarship Award for further academic studies and training in Germany. (2000-2001).
  • University of Cyprus, School of Pure and Applied Sciences: First Prize Award for the Best Academic Performance during the years 1995 – 1999 (1999).


  • Synthesis and characterization of functional organic polymers of various chemical structures and architectures (block and random copolymers, polymer networks), using Reversible Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer (RAFT) controlled radical polymerization and conventional free radical polymerization
  • Micellar nanomorphologies generated by well-defined amphiphilic block copolymers in solution.
  • Preparation of polymer-based nanohybrids (organic-inorganic hybrid micelles stabilized in either organic or aqueous solvents) and nanocomposites (in the form of electrospun fibers, thin films and 3D-networks) via the combination of functional polymeric materials with inorganic nanoparticulates including metal and metal oxide nanoparticles.
  • Applications of polymer-based materials in biomedicine, catalysis, water remediation processes, optics, sensing etc.


FUNDED RESEARCH PROJECTS (as principal investigator/coordinator)

  • Coordinator

    •  University of Cyprus Grant “Post-doctoral researchers”: Budget: 22000 Euros. Duration: 12 months (2016-2017) Title: “3D chitosan-based electrospun nanocomposite fibrous platforms for bioapplications”
    •  University of Cyprus Grant “Post-doctoral researchers”: Budget: 22000 Euros. Duration: 12 months (2015-2016) Title: “Polymer-based electrospun nanocomposite fibrous mats as scaffolds in bone tissue engineering”
    • Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (CRPF), ΤΕΧΝΟΛΟΓΙΑ/ΥΛΙΚΑ/0311(ΒΙΕ)/03: Budget: 140000 Euros. Duration: 24 months (2013 – 2015). Title: Novel, Multi-responsive Cross-linked Films with Controlled Architectures: Synthesis, Characterisation and Application in Icon Restoration”.
    •  KOINA/MNT-ERA.NET/0311/01 program funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation under the ERA.NET framework programs: UCY Budget: 91960 Euros. Duration: 36 months (2012 – 2015). Title: “Mini-supercapacitors technology based on hybrid CNT-electroactive polymer nanostructures”. (Coordinator of the Cypriot consortium)
    • University of Cyprus Grant "New Researchers". Budget: 12000 Euros. Duration: December 2013 - December 2014. Title: “Design and application of fibrous membranes on urban wastewater treatment”.
    • Cyprus-Romania bilateral collaboration program funded by the Cyprus and Romania Research Promotion Foundations, KY-POY/0609/01. Budget: 24960 Euro, Duration: 24 months (2010 – 2012). Title: Advanced nano-active composites of polymers with rare metals and metal oxides for microelectronic applications at GHz domain”.
    • Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (CRPF), ΤΕΧΝΟΛΟΓΙΑΘΕΠΙΣ/0308/ΒΕ/06: Budget: 120000 Euro. Duration: 36 months (2008 – 2011). Title: “Novel NLO hybrid nanomaterials based on block copolymers and metal nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and theoretical calculations”.
    • Cyprus-Romania bilateral collaboration program funded by the Cyprus and Romania Research Promotion Foundations, KY-POY/0407/09. Budget:  20190 Euro, duration: 24 months (2007 – 2009). Title: “Block copolymers as stabilizers for magnetic nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization”.



    • CancerNanoMED: Center for Preclinical Evaluation and Optimization of Cancer Nanomedicines (2018-2022). (Coordinator: Dr. Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos)
    •  ENTERPRISES/0916/0065: Duration: 24 months (2018-2020) Title: “Geothermal collector pipe with magnetoactive thermally conductive fillers and geometrical features to increase the heat difference, the energetic benefit and the overall system performance”.
    • COST Action MP1404: Duration: 48 months (2015-2019) Title: “Simulation and pharmaceutical technologies for advanced patient-tailored inhaled medicines   (SimInhale)” (Chair: Sravros Kassinos) (MC committee member)
    • COST Action TD1402: Duration: 48 months (2014-2018) Title: “Multifunctional nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia and indirect radiation therapy (RADIOMAG)” (Chair: Simo Spassov) (team member)
    • COST Action MP1206: Duration: 48 months (2013 – 2017). Title: “Electrospun nano-fibres for bio-inspired composite materials and innovative industrial applications” (Chair: Dr. Erich Kny) (MC committee member)
    • Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (CRPF), ΝΕΑ ΥΠΟΔΟΜΗ/ ΝΕΚΥΠ/0311/27 Budget: 500000 Euro, duration: 30 months (2013 – 2016). Title: “Characterization of polymeric and biological systems using high-resolution atomic force microscopy and multi-angle dynamic and static light scattering”. (Coordinator: Prof. Costas Patrickios, Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus).
    • Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (CRPF), ΥΓΕΙΑ/ΒΙΟΣ/0311(ΒΙΕ)/04 Budget: 199250 Euro, duration: 24 months (2013-2015). Title: “Multipotent Theranostic Metal-based scaffolds for molecular targeting of colorectal cancer(Coordinator: Prof. Constantinos Pitris, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Cyprus).
    • Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (CRPF), ΝΕΑ ΥΠΟΔΟΜΗ/ΣΤΡΑΤΗ II/0308/06. Title: “Molecular Electronics and Photonics Research Unit” (Coordinator: Prof. Stelios Choulis, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, Cyprus University of Technology).
    • Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (CRPF), ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΙΣ/ΠΡΟΙΟΝ/0609/111 Budget: 224000 Euro. Duration: 24 months (2011-2013) Title: “Design and production of innovative water proofing fittings of plastic tubes with double injection molding”. (Coordinator: Elysee Irrigation Ltd.)
    •  NANOMA - FP7-ICT-2007-2. Budget: 2459941 Euro. (MME Department budget: 285580 Euro). Duration: 36 months (2008 – 2011). Title: “Nano-Actuators and Nano-Sensors for Medical Applications. Participant together with Ass. Prof. A. Kyprianou, Ass. Prof. C. Rebholz and Prof. C. Doumanides, the coordinator of the UCY team.
    •  Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (CRPF), ΠΛΠΡΟ/0506/08 Budget: 183600 Euro (MME Department Budget: 118700 Euro). Duration: 24 months (January 2007 – January 2009). Title: “Analysis and Design of polymer nanocomposite materials”.
    • Participation in the ESF Research Networking Program supported by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (2007-2012). Title: “Mapping the detailed composition (epitope exposure) of surface-adsorbed protein layers on biomaterials and nanoparticles – an alternative approach to biocompatibility and nanotoxicity” (Representative of the CRPF in the Steering Committee)
    •  NANO-INTERREG, INTERREG, Greece - Cyprus Budget: 300000 Euro (UCY 93000 Euro). Duration: 24 months (2006 – 2008). Title: “Research and Education in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology: Design, Development and Applications - Energy Generation and Storage – Thermoelectrics and Hydrogen Storage.
    • Start-up Funding – University of Cyprus (2005 – 2007). Budget: 85500 Euro.


    • 52 papers published in major peer-reviewed journals
    • 10 book chapters
    • h-index: 20 (Google Scholar)


SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (full pulbication list:


  • Nikolaou, M.; Krasia-Christoforou, T. (2017) 'Electrohydrodynamic methods for the development of pulmonary drug delivery systems', European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, (SimInhale Special Issue),
  • Song, R.Q.; Krasia-Christoforou, T.; Debus, C.; Cölfen, H. (2017) 'Structure and magnetic property control of copper hydroxide acetate by non-classical crystallization', Small, Volume: 13, page: 1602702 (10 pages) DOI: 10.1002/smll.201602702 (frontispiece).
  • Petropoulou, A.; Christodoulou, K.; Polydorou, C.; Krasia-Christoforou, T.; Riziotis, C. (2017) 'Cost-Effective Polymethacrylate-Based Electrospun Fluorescent Fibers Towards Ammonia Sensing' Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, Volume: 302, page: 1600453 (7 pages). (INVITED, Special Issue: Electrospinning and Functional Nanofibers). DOI: 10.1002/mame.201600453
  • Kalogirou, A.; Achilleos, M.; Procopiou, C.; Vasile, E.; Koutentis, P.A.; Krasia-Christoforou, T. (2016) 'Structure-defined 3D nanocomposite polymer networks: Versatile heterogeneous catalytic platforms in organic synthesis', ChemistrySelect, Volume: 1, pages: 2635-2641.DOI: 10.1002/slct.201600318
  • Savva, I.; Kalogirou, A. S.; Achilleos, M.; Vasile, E.; Koutentis, P.A.; Krasia-Christoforou, T. (2016) 'Evaluation of PVP/Au nanocomposite fibers as heterogeneous catalysts in indole synthesis', Molecules, Volume: 21, page: 1218. DOI:10.3390/molecules21091218
  • Achilleos, M.;   Mpekris, F.; Stylianopoylos, T.; Krasia-Christoforou, T. (2016)  'Structurally-defined semi-interpenetrating amphiphilic polymer networks with tunable and predictable mechanical response' RSC Advances, Volume:6, Pages: 43278-43283. DOI:10.1039/C6RA07376J
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  •          Mpekris, F.; Achilleos, M.; Vasile, E.; Vasile, E.; Krasia-Christoforou, T.; Stylianopoulos, T. (2015) ‘Mechanical properties of structurally-defined magnetoactive polymer (co)networks’, RSC Advances, Volume: 5, Pages: 20011-20019 DOI: 10.1039/c4ra16260a
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  •          Krasia-Christoforou, T.; Georgiou T. (2013) ‘Polymeric Theranostics: Using Polymer-based Systems for Simultaneous Imaging and Therapy’ (feature article), Journal of Materials Chemistry B, Volume: 1 Pages: 3002-3025 DOI: 10.1039/C3TB20191K (Top-10 most read Journal of Materials Chemistry B Articles Q3-2013)
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