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Eleni Mesimeri

Language Centre
Campus Supplementary Offices (CSO), 013
University Campus

Eleni Geogiou completed undergraduate studies at the Department of Balkan Studies Florina, Aristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki-University of Western Macedonia in Greece. During her studies she secured a scholarship due to her very good performance in the academic semesters (higher education scholarship regulations). She continued postgraduate studies in Istanbul at the state University of Marmara in Turkish Language and Literature. During the master's degree obtained certificate of competence in Turkish Language at the University of Istanbul. Also, she completed the program of “Pronunciation and Speech of Turkish language” successfully, organized in Istanbul by the Ministry of Education in Turkey. She is currently a PhD candidate with scholarship from the Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation, in the area of foreign language teaching with emphasis on the case of Turkish in Cyprus.. 

In her professional experience included the teaching of Greek for Turk and Armenians as a foreign language at the "Sismanogleio Megaro" of the General Consulate of Greece in Istanbul.  She has worked as a Translator Interpreter at Nottary Office, Beyoğlu 16. Noteri, in Istanbul (Turkey), as well as 4 years at the Press and Information Office, Republic of Cyprus-Nicosia at Social Welfare Services-department of adoptions, Nicosia for preparing the reports of adoption for the District Court and at Nicosia Court. He has also offered accelerated courses at the KE.DI.MA of the University of Cyprus to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. Also, she has worked for 2 years at Morningside Montessori Elementary School teaching Turkish language. From 2022-2023 she assumed the duties of Member Representative of Special Scientists in the Board of the Language Center. 

She has been teaching Turkish at the Language Centre of the University of Cyprus at all levels, since 2011. Since 2012 she is also a Turkish teacher of the Turkish Language Learning Programs for adults (structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages-CEFR) organized by Language Centre of the University of Cyprus. She has teaching experience in all Levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1-C2). She teaches specialization courses such as Turkish for medicine. 

She is a member at the biggest Centre for Islamic Studies (ISAM) in Istanbul, at the Hellenic Association Of Counselling and Guidance (EL.E.SY.P.), at the Hellenic Educational Society (PEE)-Greece, at the Cyprus Pedagogical Association-Cyprus and at the Cyprus Linguistics Society (Cyprus). She is also member to the following journals: Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies, Tehlikedeki diller dergisi, Science direct journal and the scientific journal ΚΕΣΕΑ-ΤΠΕ: She is an Academic Member of the Languages & Linguistics Research Unit, Athens Institute for Education and Research, ATINER: She is also a member of Organizing & Scientific Committee for the International Forum Of Young Researchers, Language Centre-University of Cyprus. He is a founding member and vice-president of the Association for Bilingualism in Cyprus. 

She has attended and participated many conferences, workshops and seminars.


Presentations in Conferences/Seminars:

  • Gökçebağ, D., Pelekani, C. and Mesimeri Georgiou, E., CALLing Adult Education, It has been accepted as a Poster Presentation at the 2nd Foreign Language Instructional Technology: E-nnovative Learning conference (FLiT-II ) which took place between the 5th-7th of December 2013, Language Centre-UCY, Cyprus.
  • Georgiou, E.,Teaching and Learning Turkish as Second/Foreign Language, Presented at the conference: 37th Annual Meeting, the Department of Linguistics, School of Philology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, May 12-14 2016.
  • Pelekani, C. Georgiou, E. Veysioğlu, Y. Classroom Activities in Turkish Communicative Language Teaching (TCLT): Theory and Practice (AEP-Language Centre, UCY),  1st LC-UCY International Forum of Young Researchers, "Languages in Contact: Interconnections and Interferences", Language Centre – University of Cyprus, June 2, 2016.
  • Gökçebağ, D., Pelekani, C. and Georgiou, Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language with Interactive Classroom and Outdoor Activities, 3rd LC-UCY International Forum of Young Researchers, Turkish Section, Language Centre-University of Cyprus, 2018.   



  • Language Teaching
  • Teaching Turkish as a Second/Foreign Language
  • Language acquisition
  • Turkish for Specific Purposes
  • Design of teaching material
  • Design of programs and use of audio-visual media
  • Educational technology
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Applied Linguistics


 Τranslations and publications:
  • Georgiou, E. Translation of the book of Bishop Serafim 'Azim Padişah Monastir Kikko'nun Hekmetlü Validullah İkona Tasfirün Hayrlı Pınarun Hekmet-name Tarihi' from Caramanli Turksih Languages into Turkish Language, (Introduction-Text-Indeks-Transcript) language charectiristics analysis of Caramanli Turkish language , 4 Chapters, p.1-279, Unpublished thesis, Marmara University, Istanbul, 2011.
  • Gökçebağ, D. & Georgiou, E. 'Kıbrıs’ta Çözümün Şifresi Maraş-Liman-Suriçi', from Turkish into Greek, forthcoming, p. 1-70, Cyprus, 2012.
  • Translation and Diligence "House of Representatives minutes (16 November-30 December 1960)" from Turksih to Greek, Cyprus, I&II Tome, 2016. 
  • Pelekani, C., Georgiou, E. & Vesioğlu, Y. (2016). Classroom activities in Turkish communicative language teaching (TCLT): Theory and practice (AEP-Language Centre, UCY). .
  •  Georgiou, E. (2016). "Why is important for somebody to learn foreign language", 30.7.2016, article at paidia newspaper,