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Myrto Kalofonou is a Chemical Engineer specializing in Material Science and has graduated from the National Technical University of Athens (2017). She holds a master’s degree from the same institute on the “Protection of Monuments”- Direction of “Materials and Conservation Interventions” (2017-2019).
During the year 2020 she worked as a special scientist at Institute of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (INN) at NSCR Demokritos for the European Project “CARMOF-Tailor-made 3D printed structures based on CNTs and MOFs materials for efficient CO2 capture”.
M. Kalofonou is currently a special scientist for the European Project “PlaCe-ITN” Training the next generation of archaeological scientists: Interdisciplinary studies of pre-modern Plasters and Ceramics from the eastern Mediterranean. She is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow and she will conduct her doctoral dissertation titled: Sampling, characterisation and reproduction of historic plasters from Cyprus with special emphasis on hydraulic lime plasters, under the supervision of Prof. V. Kassianidou, Prof I. Ioannou and Prof. A. Vionis.
 Her research interests include: study and characterization of historic materials, technology and reproduction of historic mortars and plasters, restoration of monuments, design and production of restoration mortars and plasters.
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M. Apostolopoulou, I. Nikolaidis, I. Grillakis, M. Kalofonou, V. Keramidas, E. T. Delegou, M. Karoglou, A. Bakolas, K.C. Lampropoulos, C. Mouzakis, A. Moropoulou, 2019. “The Plaka Bridge in Epirus: An Evaluation of New Building Materials for Its Restoration”, Heritage 2(2), 1136-1159