Staff Catalogue


Manzetti Maria Cristina
Department of History and Archaeology
Archaeological Research Unit,
12, Gladstonos str.
She is graduated in Archaeology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy), with a specialization in Roman landscape archaeology. She attended a II level Master in Geotechnology applied to Archaeology, at the Centre of San Giovanni Valdarno of the University of Siena (Italy). In 2018, she concluded her PhD research at the School of Architecture at Technical University of Chania (Greece) with a research about the 3D reconstructions of the Roman theatres of Crete.
She has been working at the Laboratory of Geophysical Remote Sensing & Archaeoenvironment of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies of Rethymno in Crete (FORTH), in particular on the virtual reconstruction of Neolithic settlements in Thessaly.
She recently won a postdoctoral position at the University of Cyprus through the YUFE alliance and the Lerici Scholarship as visiting researcher at University of Lund (Sweden).
Her specialities are Roman archaeology, Roman theatres, Virtual Archaeology, 3D modelling, 3Dvisualization, 3D visibility analysis and virtual acoustics analysis.
Virtual Archaeology
Roman Archaeology
3D visibility analysis
Virtual acoustics analysis
Deep mapping
Travel literature
 Manzetti M.C., 2019. The Performances at the Theatre of the Pythion in Gortyna, Crete. Virtual Acoustics Analysis as a Support for Interpretation, in Open Archaeology,5 (1), De Gruyter, pp. 434-443. DOI:
Manzetti M. C., 2016. 3D visibility analysis as a mean to validate ancient theatre’s reconstructions: the case study of the large Roman theatre of Gortyna, in Virtual Archaeology Review, 7 (15), pp. 36-43; DOI: