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Language Centre
Main Campus Buildings,
University Campus

 Special Scientist, teaching all levels of Academic English at the Language Centre. I have been employed in my current position since 2006. The work includes Academic and ESP courses as well as Adult Education.

The development and implementation of course outlines and materials is of particular interest and has allowed professional development through the challenges of each semester and the needs of individual studenets. This has been very evident in the Adult Education courses which are tailored to individual requirements and have involved extensive course outlining of outcomes.

The work with Adult Ed; is of particular interest as the University Mission of 'reaching out to the wider community' is a personal commitment and one that is both valuable and rewarding.

During the summer months I am employed as Centre Director for Stafford House Study Courses(Cambridge Group)- Language Summer School,Brunel University, London, England. This work entails full responsibility for: student academic and social welfare, staff assessment and training, timetabling and course design. The centre is constantly inspected by the British Council and adheres to strict guidelines.