Staff Catalogue


Georgios Olymbiou
00357 22 892956
Department of Education
Crosspoint, 508
40, Kallipoleos Ave.

Undergraduate studies at the University of Cyprus (B.A., Elementary Education, 2006). Graduate studies at the University of Cyprus (M.A., 2008 and Ph.D., 2012, Science Education).

Studying and analyzing teaching quality, analyzing types of reflection during teaching, initial teacher training on generic teaching skills, investigating and analyzing student teachers’ classroom management during school practicum. 

Journal Publications

Charalambous, C. Y., Philippou, S., Olympiou, G., & Georgiou, K. (2022). Experimenting with enablers and extenders to support ambitious teaching in mathematics: A video-club case study of student teachers during their field placement. Teaching and Teacher Education, 119, 103874.

Charalambous, C. Y., Philippou, S., & Olympiou, G. (2018). Reconsidering the use of video clubs for student-teachers' learning during field placement: Lessons drawn from a longitudinal multiple case study. Teaching and Teacher Education, 74, 49-61.

Olympiou, G., Zacharia, Z. C., de Jong, T. (2013). Making the invisible visible: Enhancing students' conceptual understanding by introducing representations of abstract objects in a simulation, Instructional Science41(3), 575–596.

Olympiou, G., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2012). Blending physical and virtual manipulatives: An effort to improve students’ conceptual understanding through science laboratory experimentation, Science Education96(1), 21-47.

Olympiou, G., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2011). Implementing a blended combination of physical and virtual laboratory manipulatives to enhance students’ learning through experimentation in the domain of Light and Color. Journal οf Education, Informatics And Cybernetics2(1). April 1, 2011, from 8073/5770.

Zacharia, Z. C. & Olympiou, G. (2011). Physical versus virtual manipulative experimentation in physics learning, Learning & Instruction,21(3), 317 – 331.

Zacharia, Z. C., Olympiou, G. & Papaevripidou, M. (2008). Effects of Experimenting with Physical and Virtual Manipulatives on Students` Conceptual Understanding in Heat and Temperature. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 45(9), 1021-1035.


Selected Publications in Books and in Conference Proceedings

Olympiou, G., Zacharia, Z. C., & Hovardas, T. (2020). Investigating Students’ Actions and Discussions when experimenting with Physical and Virtual Manipulatives in Science. In  O., Levrini & G. Tasquier (eds), Electronic Proceedings of the ESERA 2019 Conference. The Beauty and Pleasure of Understanding: Engaging With Contemporary Challenges Through Science Education, Bologna: ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – University of Bologna.

Olympiou, G. & Zacharia, Z. C. (2018). Examining Students’ Actions While Experimenting with a Blended Combination of Physical and Virtual Manipulatives in Physics. In A. Mikropoulos (Ed.) Research on e-Learning and ICT in Education: Technological, Pedagogical and Instructional Perspectives. Springer.

Olympiou, G., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2017). Investigating Experimental Procedures when Combining Virtual with Physical Manipulatives, towards Conceptual Understanding. 2nd Pancyprian Conference of Physics and Science Education entitled Physics in the Modern World, 4-5th February, 2017, Nicosia: University of Cyprus.

Olympiou, G., Charalambous, C., & Philippou, S. (2016). Comparing Student- Teachers’ Design and Teaching during their Field Placement: Commonalities and Particularities. Paper presented at the 14th Bi-annual Conference of the Cyprus Pedagogical Association entitled Education, Interdisciplinarity and the Contemporary World: The Role and Contribution of Educational Research, 21-22 October 2016, Nicosia: University of Cyprus.

Olympiou, G. & Zacharia, Z. C. (2016). Developing and Applying a Framework for Blending Virtual and Physical Manipulatives in Science. Paper presented at the 10th Panhellenic and International Conference: Information and Communication Technologies in Education, 23-25 September, Joannina, Greece.

Charalampous, C. Y., Philippou, S. & Olympiou, G. (2016). Learning Teaching In and From Practice: Insights from a Student-Teacher Multiple-Case Study during Field PlacementPaper presented at Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies: American Educational Research Association Conference, Washington DC, USA.

Olympiou, G. & Zacharia, Z. C. (2014). Blending physical and virtual manipulatives in physics laboratory experimentation. In C. Bruguière, P. Clément, & A. Tiberghien (Eds), Topics and Trends in current science education (pp. 419-433). Dordrecht: Springer.

Olympiou, G. & Zacharia, Z. C. (2012). The Use of Simulations in Science Education: The case of Virtual Laboratories. In M. Evagorou & L. Abraamidou, Theoretical and Instructional Approaches in Science Education, Athens: Diadrasi (in greek).

Olympiou, G., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2012). Combining concrete and abstract visual representations in a simulation-based learning environment: Effects on students’ learning in Physics. Paper presented at Learning Science in the Society of Computers: 10th International Conference on Computer Based Learning in Science, Barcelona, Spain.

Olympiou, G. & Zacharia, Z. C. (2010). Combining and comparing the use of physical and virtual manipulatives to enhance conceptual inderstanding in heat and temperature. Paper presented at Physics Curriculum Design, Development and Validation: 22nd International GIREP Conference and MPTL 13th Workshop, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Olympiou, G., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2010). Introducing Virtual Manipulatives in Science Experimentation for Teaching and Learning at the University Level. Paper presented at International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics, Orlando, U.S.A.

Olympiou, G., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2009). Comparing Physical with Virtual Experimentation in Students Conceptual Understanding in Physics. Paper presented at Multiple Approaches in Science Education: Sixth Panhellenic Conference on Science Education and Educational Technology, Florina, Greece.