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Department of Economics
FEB 02 - Faculty of Economics and Management,
University Campus

She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics of the University of Cyprus. Previously she was an Assistant Professor and Lecturer in the same Department. She has a BA in Economics and Business Administration, an MA in Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics from Clark University, Massachusetts USA. She has been Coordinator of the National Team of Cyprus in the EUROMOD Project, the Tax Benefit Microsimulation Model of the European Union, and Managing Editor of Ekonomia, the journal of the Cyprus Economic Society.

Currently her research focuses on the impact of tax and benefit and other policies on individual and household behaviour and welfare. She has worked on issues that relate to the measurement of the black economy based on household expenditure, the effects of income tax and benefit policy on consumption, labour supply and welfare, the distributional effects of changes in consumer prices, the measurement of the poverty rate and construction of exact consumer welfare indices.
She was awarded the Quality Teaching Award 2022 of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Cyprus.
ΟΙΚ 111: Principles of Microeconomics
OIK 121: Principles of Macroeconomics
ΟΙΚ 211: Intermediate Microeconomics
ΟΙΚ 301: Topics in Microeconomics
ΟΙΚ 313: Public Economics
ΟΙΚ 315: International Taxation and National Tax Policy
ΟΙΚ 397: Research Methods in Economics I
ΟΙΚ 497: Research Methods in Economics II
OIK 601: Microeconomic Analysis I
OIK 613: Public Economics
OIK 661: Microeconomics

Public Economics; Labour Economics; Applied microeconomics and microeconometrics; Interhousehold and intrahousehold behavior; Empirical consumer demand analysis; Household and individual welfare measurement; Adult equivalence scales and consumer price indices; Analysis of indirect tax reform and distributional effects; Household consumption and saving behavior.

Lyssiotou, Panayiota and Elena Savva (2022), Labor Supply Responses to Income Tax Free and Bracket Expansions, Journal of Economic Studies, , 49(7), 1225-1239,

            Working Paper - longer version can be found at: 05-2021.pdf (

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