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Department of English Studies
Eliades Building, 221
9 Klimentos str.
He is the author of the monographs Categorial Features and Pronouns, Clitics and Empty Nouns; he has also published a number of articles in international journals (Glossa, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Linguistic Inquiry, The Linguistic Review, Studia Linguistica, Linguistic Analysis, Morphology, Lingue e LinguaggioTheroetical linguistics, Morphology, Word Structure, Lingua and Syntax) and has contributed book chapters to a number of volumes. He has given around 200 talks and presentations on topics ranging from the architecture of Grammar, grammatical features and the nominal phrase to language acquisition, dialectology, and the politics of language. He is also the author of a two Greek-language popular science introduction to Linguistics, published in 2013 and 2021.
• The cross-linguistic distribution and feature make-up of functional categories
• The nature and (non-)universality of grammatical categories.
• Lexical categories; Adjectives.
• Mixed categories (gerunds, nominalisations etc.)
• The nature and content of linguistic roots.
• The structure of nominal phrases, pronouns and pronominal clitics.
• Theoretical issues in language acquisition and change.
• The grammar of Greek and the Balkan Sprachbund.
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