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Stavroula Kontovourki

Department of Education
Crosspoint, 404
40, Kallipoleos Ave.
Stavroula Kontovourki is an Associate Professor in Literacy and Language Arts Education. She holds a bachelor degree in Education – Primary Education (Hons) from the University of Cyprus (2001), an Ed.M. in Curriculum and Teaching (2005, Teachers College Columbia University), and an Ed.D. with a concentration in Literacy Education (2009, Teachers College Columbia University). She has worked at primary and post-secondary institutions, and been involved in projects researching literacy practices in different educational settings.

Literacy and language arts education, literacy studies, embodiment, multimodal and digital literacies, and the enactment of literacy curricula, teachers’ professionalism, and educational change


Edited volume

Enriquez, G., Johnson, E., Kontovourki, S., & Malozzi, C. (Eds.). (2016). Literacies, Learning, and the Body: Bringing Research and Theory into Pedagogical Practice. InJ. Rowsell & C. Lewis (Series Eds.) Expanding Literacies in Education series. New York: Routledge.(

Special Issue

Kontovourki, S., Johnson, E., & Enriquez, G. (Guest Editors.). (2020). Embodiment and literacies: Teaching, learning, and becoming in a post-world. English Teaching: Practice and Critique. Available at

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

Kontovourki, S. (2022). Vibrancy and stillness in talking school discourse: Examining embodied talk in primary classrooms. Literacy, 56(3 – Special Issue: Oracy and Education: Perspective shifts and policy tensions), 234-243,

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