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Stella Petrou holds a first degree in Educational Sciences-Primary Education (University of Cyprus) and a master's and doctoral degree in Learning in Natural Sciences (Department of Education, University of Cyprus).

He has previously worked as a laboratory assistant in the courses offered to undergraduate students in the Department of Education and as a research scientist in the same department. Since 2012, he holds the position of Special Teaching Staff in the Department of Education and teaches courses related to the scientific field of Natural Sciences and Environmental Education. At the same time, she supervises students who teach the course of Natural Sciences in Elementary schools and kindergartens as part of their participation in the School Experience.

Furthermore, he was a member of the scientific committee of international conferences organized at the University of Cyprus (e.g. ESERA 2013, ERIDOB 2022) and is a member of international organizations related to the teaching and learning of Natural Sciences (e.g. ESERA, ERIDOB, NAAEE). Additionally, she participated and participates as a researcher in the research programs: "Chlorida", "School Kitchen-gardens: Think-Collaborate-Act" and "Evidence (Erasmus+)".

Her research interests, they focus on the development of teaching materials with environmental content and the implementation of Environmental Education programs (e.g. School Kitchen-gardens, Climate Change) for elementary-school students as well as the study of the participation of students of this age in environmental actions. The findings of her research have been presented at international and Pan-Hellenic conferences and she has published research articles in international and Greek scientific magazines and books.


  • Petrou, S. (2017). Seeds of Change for Sustainability: Developing Elementary Students’ Environmental Literacy and Citizenship through School Kitchen-Garden Communities (in Greek). PhD Thesis. Nicosia.
  • Petrou, S. (2011). The Dimensions of Elementary Students’ and Pre-service Teachers’ Environmental Interest (in Greek). Master Thesis. Nicosia.
  • Petrou, S. (2009). The Endemic Plants of Cyprus (in Greek). Graduation Thesis. Nicosia.

Published Chapters in Books

  • Petrou, S., & Korfiatis, K. (2018). Multiple Learning Environments: Communities of School Kichen-gardens as a Tool for Developing Environmental Literacy and Empowerment for Action (In Greek). In the dedicatory volume: Paidagwgos in honor of Professor Mary Ioannidou-Koutselini (pp. 387-410). Nicosia: University of Cyprus.
  • Petrou, S., & Korfiatis, K. (2016). School Kitchen-Gardens as Innovative Learning Environments for Supporting Environmental Education Pedagogies: Opportunities and Challenges for Teachers, Students and the Community. In: Kristy Wallace (ed.), Learning Environments: Emerging Theories, Applications and Future Directions (pp. 51-72). New York: Nova Science Publishers.

 Published Articles in Scientific Journals

  • Petrou, S., & Korfiatis, K. (2022). Transformations of children’s environmental conceptions through their participation in a school kitchen-garden project. Environmental Education Research, 28(4), 524-544.
  • Korfiatis, K., & Petrou, S. (2021). Participation and why it matters: children’s perspectives and expressions of ownership, motivation, collective efficacy and self-efficacy and locus of control. Environmental Education Research27(12), 1700-1722.
  • Petrou, S., & Korfiatis, K. (2019). School Kitchen-gardens as an Example of Participatory Environmental Education: Theoretical Documentation and SWOT Analysis in 6 Schools in Cyprus. Educational Sciences, an issue dedicated to his memory: Yannis Pantis and Environmental Education,49-74, (in Greek). Grete: University of Grete.,0,0,1,0,0
  • Korfiatis K., Photiou M. & Petrou S. (2020). Effects of eco-animations on nine and twelve-year-old children’s environmental conceptions: How WALL-E changed young spectators’ views of Earth and Environmental Protection. Journal of Environmental Education, 51(), 1-14.
  • Petrou, S., & Korfiatis, K. (2015). School Kitchen-Gardens as Innovative Learning Environments: The Educational Material «School Kitchen-Gardens: Think-Collaborate-Act» (in Greek). About the Environmental Education, 8(53),
  • Petrou, S., & Korfiatis, K. (2013). The effect of a digital learning environment on children’s conceptions about the protection of endemic plants. Journal of Biological Education, 47(3), 150-156,

 Published Summaries in Scientific Journals

  • Petrou, S. (2018). Seeds of change for sustainability: developing elementary school students’ environmental literacy and citizenship through school kitchengardens communities. Environmental Education Research, 24(8), 1228-1228, DOI:10.1080/13504622.2017.1402172

Published Articles in Conference Proceedings