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Stefan Schlaefli Fust studied Romanistics (Master in Spanish linguistics and literature, modern French literature and Portuguese linguistics and literature) at the University of Zurich from 1985-1990 with semesters at Universities in France (Sorbonne) and Spain (University of Granada). From 1991 to 1992 field investigations in dialectology in Lanteira (Sierra Nevada, Granada). Dissertation "El habla de Lanteira. Una comparación entre el ALEA y una encuesta reciente." at the University of Zurich, Department of Romanistic Philology, with Professor Dr. Gerold Hilty.

In literature, studies about the theatre of Lorca and the narrative structures in Don Quijote and medieval texts (Libro del Buen Amor, Poema del Mío Cid, Jarchas, Canciones de amigo etc.). He finished his studies in 1992 at the University of Zurich (Lic. Phil. 1).

Followed a Master in Aesthetics and Art Theory at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with studies about Maeterlinck and the fin de siècle literature, political writing and translation (1995-1997).

Pre-service teacher training at Universidad Complutense, Madrid (1998).


German and Spanish C2 (native or near native speaker), French C2, Portuguese C1, English C1, Greek C1, Italian B2



Organization of “Jornadas de formación para profesores de ELE en Chipre” (2009-now). Yearly conference for Spanish teachers, held at UCY.

Teacher trainer for pre-service courses (Spanish as a foreign language, language and methodology, 2008-now).

Publisher for Amaranto Editores, Madrid, translations of different novels from German and French to Spanish (1995-2001).

Journalist Thurgauer Zeitung, Frauenfeld, Switzerland (2001).

Tourguide for Imbach Reisen, Lucerne, Switzerland in Spain, Portugal and Latin America (1990-2001).

Teacher of Spanish, French and German at different public and private institutions in Switzerland, Spain and recently in Cyprus (public high schools).

He also writes about literature and travelling for different Swiss newspapers.

Frequent journeys to Latin America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil). Special interest in the integration of Spanish and Latin American culture (music, cinema, literature, arts, cuisine) in the classroom.

Social learning, Latinoamerican Culture (cinema, music, literature) ινοαμερικανική κουλτούρα etc.), Collocations, bilingualism, translation, multicultural awareness, history.

Selected Publications:

Schlaefli Fust, Stefan, "Actividades para mejorar la competencia digital de los estudiantes de ELE". In: Actas de las VI Jornadas para Profesores de ELE en Chipre, Nicosia, 2014. (Activities to improve digital literacy of Spanish students).

Schlaefli Fust, Stefan; Molina, Pedro, "Creación de pruebas de evaluación automática o test autocorregibles". In: Actas de las VI Jornadas para Profesores de ELE en Chipre, Nicosia, 2014. (Creation of automatic and auto-correcting tests).

Schlaefli Fust, Stefan. "Un paseo por la Nicosia de Cervantes: El amante liberal". Actas de las V Jornadas para Profesores de ELE en Chipre, Nicosia, 2013. (A walk through Nicosia with Cervantes´ novel "The liberal lover").

Schlaefli Fust, Stefan et al., "Creación de espacios de trabajo virtuales". In: Actas de las IV Jornadas para Profesores de ELE en Chipre, Nicosia, 2012. (Creation of virtual workspaces).

Schlaefli Fust, Stefan, "Las palabras y su compañía. Las colocaciones en la clase de ELE." In: Languages for Intercultural Dialogue, UCY, Nicosia, 2008. (Collocations in Spanish teaching)

Veteranyi, Aglaja, (Schlaefli Fust, Stefan, transl.), Por qué se cuece el niño en la polenta, Lengua de Trapo, Madrid, 2002. (Novel).

Glauser, Friedrich, (Schlaefli Fust, Stefan, transl.), El té de las tres viejas, Amaranto Editores, Madrid, 1998. (Novel). El Te de Las Tres Viejas (Spanish Edition): 9788492160532:  Glauser, Friedrich: Libros

Schlaefli Fust, Stefan, El habla de Lanteira (Marquesado del Cenete, GR): una comparación entre los datos del "Atlas lingüístico y etnográfico de Andalucía" y una encuesta reciente, University of Zurich, 1992.

Different articles and book reviews in Swiss Newspapers.