Getting to Cyprus
Cyprus is conveniently located at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Air travellers have two options: Larnaca (LCA) airport, situated in the southeast and Paphos (PFO) airport situated in the southwest of the island. Larnaca airport is the larger of the two airports and the closest to the University campus. Most European airlines offer connections to these two airports through their European hubs. It is also possible to reachCyprus by sea through ferries that link Cyprus with Piraeus, the Greek islands and the Middle East.

Getting to the University of Cyprus
The University of Cyprus and the ECE Department are located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The university campus is approximately 50 km from the Larnaca airport. The most convenient way to go from the airport to Nicosia is by taxi (the ride will cost approximately 50 Euro). Note that Nicosia is approximately 130 km from the Paphos airport.

Getting to the ECE Department
The permanent facilities of the School of Engineering are expected to be erected at the New University Campus within the next few years. In the intermediate years, the ECE Department is housed, together with the other departments of the School of Engineering, in a number of buildings located at or near the Main Campus. The department offices, the faculty offices, the seminar rooms (where some of the postgraduate courses are taught) and some teaching and research labs are located in the Green Park building (highlighted in red in the university buildings map). Student offices and the rest of the labs are located in a number of buildings at or close to the main campus. All undergraduate courses and some postgraduate courses are taught in classrooms at the New Campus.

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