Economics provides an insight to how people use resources, respond to incentives and make choices and delivers answers to a range of pressing questions on health, social, environmental and political issues.

The Department of Economics of the University of Cyprus is committed to enabling researchers and students to unlock their potential and thrive, for the benefit of the economy and the society. Its faculty members are dedicated to excellence in research and teaching. 

We aspire to become one of the leading economics departments in the region.

  • 500 undergraduate students
  • 50 postgraduate students
  • Top 100 economics department in Europe Tilburg Economics Ranking
  • 19 faculty members
  • I studied BSc in Economics at the Department of Economics of UCY during 2014 to 2018. The four years of my studies were full of unforgettable experiences, great challenges and invaluable opportunities. The curriculum content along with the prestigious academics of the program enable students to unlock their potential and build up a set of high-level skills and knowledge for pursuing their biggest ambitions following graduation. And, in fact, I was equipped with all necessary to be accepted to the Master’s program in Economics of a top UK university, the University of Warwick, wherefrom I graduated with distinction. Also, I never forget the first meeting and the different conversations I had with my fellows thanks to the great and comfortable facilities of the department and UCY. Having also worked for two years as a Special Scientist at the School of Economics and Management of UCY, I have been convinced that UCY and the department offer a stimulating environment either for studies or for work. Following my various experiences at UCY, I currently work at the financial regulatory agency of Cyprus, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, at a position relevant to my studies.
    Christia Heracleous
    Officer at the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
    I have graduated from the University of Cyprus with a bachelor’s degree in International, European and Economic Studies and a master’s degree in Finance. The university enables students to conduct academic research and experience the financial industry. I found the courses and professors to be top notch and was very happy with my experience. It is a rigorous academic institution, it provided me with all of the skills I needed to start my career. The classes were challenging but well worth the work. I had the opportunity to do academic research and get my hands on programming languages, which helped me progress with my career. During my studies in Finance, one of my professors gave me the opportunity to work in the financial industry, this was the starting point of my career. At the moment, I am a portfolio analyst and I am really grateful for all the knowledge and opportunities that the University of Cyprus has provided.
    Giorgos Kourtidis
    Fund Analyst at Albourne Partners
  • I graduated from the Department of Economics back in 2012 after a 4 year journey that carved the way for my career path. During my studies, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills and way of thinking through the program offered and the research opportunities I had. The professors and all the staff were very supportive throughout my studies and I still keep at heart their advice. I also had the opportunity to expand my network by meeting people with whom I keep in touch. Today, I am a Senior Manager at PwC Cyprus following the completion of the professional qualification of ICAEW. I am very proud to be a graduate of UCY and specifically the Department of Economics. I always remember those days sentimentally. I continuously use the learnings I gained in my job as well as in my day to day life. It's a study that I strongly recommend of an excellent institution and department in Cyprus.
    Nikoletta Neofytou
    Senior Manager at PwC Cyprus
  • My time in the course has provided me with advanced knowledge in economics, equipped me with strong quantitative analysis skills, developed my analytical prowess, improved my logical and problem solving skills, sharpened my research skills, and honed my understanding and interest in the field, while gaining a rich reservoir of knowledge. My experience at the University of Cyprus as a whole was great. I enjoyed all of my modules for different reasons. The support from the professors, tutors and supervisors was fantastic. They always had an open door and never hesitated to answer questions, challenged me to think outside the box, related the theory to the real world, provided assistance with course material, and guided me in the right direction.
    Sofia Rafaella Konstantinidi
    CySEC - Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission