Unlock Your Future

S1 E2 H σειρά εκδηλώσεων επανέρχεται με την Έλενα Κοντού, τον Κυριάκο Κυπριανού και τη Νίκη Τσιβιτανου να μας εξηγούν τις προκλήσεις των νεοφυών επιχειρήσεων.

Το Τμήμα Οικονομικών διοργανώνει την δεύτερη κατά σειρά ενημερωτική εκδήλωση με θέμα τις νεοφυές εταιρείες (start ups). Τρεις επιχειρηματίες της Κύπρου μας εξηγούν πως ξεκινά κανείς μια επιχείρηση, πως χρηματοδοτείται, ποιες είναι οι προκλήσεις αλλά και οι ανταμοιβές.  Αυτή η εκδήλωση προσφέρει χρήσιμες πληροφορίες για το οικοσύστημα των νεοφυών επιχειρήσεων και αποτελεί μια ευκαιρία για δικτύωση και συνεργασία. Περιλαμβάνει ανοιχτή συζήτηση πάνελ και ακολουθεί φαγητό.

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 Η εκδήλωση  'Unlock your future' θα πραγματοποιηθεί στις   Τρίτη 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2024, 18:00, ΧΩΔ02, 009. 


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  • The four years of my studies were full of unforgettable experiences, great challenges and invaluable opportunities. The department offers a stimulating environment. I currently work at the financial regulatory agency of Cyprus, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
    Christia Heracleous
    Officer at the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  • I have graduated from the University of Cyprus with a bachelor’s degree in International, European and Economic Studies and a master’s degree in Finance. I found the courses and professors to be top notch and was very happy with my experience.  Today, I am a portfolio analyst and I am really grateful for all the knowledge and opportunities that the University of Cyprus has provided.
    Giorgos Kourtidis
    Fund Analyst at Albourne Partners
  • During my studies, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills and way of thinking through the program offered and the research opportunities I had. All the staff were very supportive and I still keep at heart their advice. Today, I am a Senior Manager at PwC Cyprus. I am very proud to be a graduate of the Department of Economics.
    Nikoletta Neofytou
    Senior Manager at PwC Cyprus
  • My time in the course has provided me with advanced knowledge in economics and equipped me with strong quantitative analysis skills. My professors and advisors always challenged me to think outside the box, related the theory to the real world, provided assistance with course material, and guided me in the right direction.
    Sofia Rafaella Konstantinidi
    CySEC - Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

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