International Association for Applied Econometrics Conference – June 25-28, 2019 – Nicosia, Cyprus.

Video with highlights from the conference.

Conference in memory of Panos Pashardes, September 11, 2018. University of Cyprus

The Economics Research Centre and the Department of Economics of the University of Cyprus organised a small academic conference in memory of Professor Panos Pashardes. The aim of the conference was to pay tribute to Professor Pashardes’ contributions by bringing together some of his co-authors and colleagues from throughout his career. Proceedings were published in a special issue of the Cyprus Economic Policy Review, the journal that Prof. Pashardes established in 2007 and edited for many years.

Econometrics Conference in Honor of Peter C.B. Phillips, June 6th 2017 – Department of Economics – University of Cyprus

The conference was held in conjunction with the award to Peter C.B. Phillips of an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Cyprus. Website.

Association of Southern European Economic Theorists 2012 Annual Meeting – November 01-03, 2012 – Limassol, Cyprus

ASSET, the ASsociation of Southern-European Economic Theorists (ASsociation Soud-Européenne d’Economie Theoretique / ASociacion Sud-Europea de Economia Teorica), is a group of economics departments and economics research centres situated in Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey. The purpose of the association is to encourage among the participating research institutions the development of economic problems that meet international standards of quality in quantitative economics and econometrics. To this end, the group promotes exchanges of researchers and of ideas among institutions that are all based in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Today, ASSET has nineteen member institutions.

Search and Matching (SaM) network – June 19-20, 2012 – University of Cyprus

SaM is a European network of academic economists working on search and matching models, including models of labor market search, consumer search, money search and housing search. The overarching objective is to support and encourage the pursuit of high quality theoretical and applied research in those fields by facilitating collaborations between researchers and research centers, to give graduate students and early-career researchers opportunities to meet their senior peers within the network, and more generally to advocate the search and matching paradigm as a useful way to think about equilibrium in certain markets.

13th CEPR/JIE Conference on Applied Industrial Organization – May 24-26, 2012 – Protaras

The conference series aims to contribute to an analytical understanding of the issues raised by competition and investment, develop empirical protocols and tests of economic models, promote the exchange and the dissemination of results at the forefront of research, and finally, evaluate current competition and regulation policies.

SED 2012, Society of Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting, 22-24 June 2012 – Limassol, Cyprus

An exciting program for this year’s meeting. The current global economic situation with a slow recovery from the great recession and a restructuring of the financial sector is addressed in many sessions. Issues of sovereign debt, international default, and financial contagion naturally play an important role in the conference, especially given that the conference takes place for the second time in a row in Europe and the European debt crisis remains a central policy issue. Yet, also beyond these topics significant contributions in all areas of macroeconomics and related fields are presented.
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