The Department has a clear orientation towards high quality research that is publishable in top international journals. We believe that research of a high academic standard is the best path towards raising the international profile of the Department. The emphasis on research quality over quantity was instilled by the Department’s founding members and continues to be adhered to today. In 2009 the Department introduced a reward scheme for publications in top journals. The scheme has been revised twice since then but retains its core philosophy, which is to reward publications in the top general interest journals and top field journals.

Members of staff are strongly encouraged to undertake research both individually and by pooling their resources in teams and through collaborations with academics abroad. The Department has created the conditions required for research of the highest academic standard, such as the establishment of adequate research facilities (library, computers, databases etc.), the encouragement of exchange visits with academic institutions abroad and the participation in, and organization of, international conferences. The Department also facilitates national and international dissemination of research output through a discussion paper series and maintaining an active seminar series.

The Department covers a broad spectrum of research areas such as experimental economics, international trade, international finance, monetary economics, employment and migration, econometric theory, industrial organization, open economy macroeconomics, productivity, economic growth, political economy and microeconomic theory.  Our staff members have links to some of the best research centers and universities in the world and participate in important international research networks.  Our key goal is the production of high quality research for publication in the best international scientific journals.

The Department believes that, as a state institution, it has a responsibility to carry out research on issues related to the economy of Cyprus. This is the primary purpose of the Centre for Economic Research (CypERC). The CypERC produces several working papers every year, it publishes an in-house journal, the Cyprus Economic Policy Review, and communicates its research to the wider public through several news bulletins and research briefs.