Departmental Mission

Mission of the Department
Τhe Department of Education aims to meet the ethnic, social, cultural and developmental needs of the country. The Department considers education as a major force towards growth and development of the Cyprus society. In this context, the Department’s mission is promoting quality and equity in education through improving the quality of teaching, the organization and management of the educational system and through providing innovative approaches to the investigation and analysis of important educational issues.
In relation to research, the Department aims:
  • The promotion of excellence in educational research.
  • The use of research to generate new knowledge about important aspects of education, and the use of this knowledge for providing solutions in social and educational problems.
  • The development of effective scholars and practitioners who can use research in a professional setting and drive innovation in teaching, learning and practicing the multiple role of teacher/educator in real learning environments.

In relation to teaching, the Department aims at the following:

  • The production and dissemination of research-based knowledge in Pedagogical Sciences.
  • Developing post-graduate students’ qualities and qualifications, wishing to strengthen their knowledge and competencies in different areas of education.
  • The education and preparation of teachers for primary and pre-primary school teaching real learning environments.
  • Experiencing pedagogical training and developing pedagogical expertise for those wishing to teach in secondary and technical education.
  • Providing in-service and professional development programs for the teaching personnel of public schools in Cyprus.
In order to fulfil its mission, the Department has developed:
  • A teacher education program leading to a Bachelor's degree in Primary and Pre-Primary School Teaching. An additional program is also developed, leading to a teacher certification for prospective Secondary and Technical Education teachers.
  • Postgraduate programmes lead to Master and Doctoral degrees in different subject- areas within the field of educational studies.
    - Learning in Natural Sciences and Environment with specialization a) Learning in Natural Sciences (Master) b) Environmental and Sustainability Education (Master)
    - Educational Administration and Evaluation
    - Curriculum Studies, Teaching and Comparative Education
    - Mathematics Education,
    - Special and Inclusive Education,
    - Language Literacy and Education,
    - Instructional technology

- Gender Studies 

- Pedagogical Sciences with specialization a) Sports Pedagogy (Master and PhD) b) Multiculturalism, Migration and Decolonial Education (Master and PhD) c) Early Childhood Education (Master and PhD) d) Sociology of Education (PhD) e) Theory and Philosophy of Education (PhD) F) Religious Education (PhD)

  • Furthermore, the Department intends to develop a new graduate programme in order to achieve its developmental goals and meet existing needs in the Cyprus educational system and its prospective market, namely an in-service training and professional development program for educators at all levels.